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Heartwarming: Cake Boss
  • For the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street, Buddy made a massive cake for the cast and crew of the show. The heartwarming part is that he also made a three foot in diameter chocolate chip cookie personally for the Cookie Monster, who he has stated is one of his favorite characters.
    Buddy's Employee: You talk about him like he's a real person.
    Buddy: He is.
  • Whenever someone commissions a wedding proposal cake (as in, the ring's on the cake), it turns into this.
  • All of Carlo Salvatore's birth, including the reveal of his name.
  • "Soap, Sonograms and Surprises": Buddy and Buddy Jr. bake a cake together. Aww.
  • When Buddy took in four girls from the Make-a-Wish foundation who dreams to be a baker for a day with him making cakes. He even invited one of them to come work for him in the future. Then, also in the same episode, when Joey, whose daughter was also a Make-a-Wish kid gave a speech.
  • Cousin Anthony totals the delivery truck in the Season 2 premiere. He calls Buddy, upset and worried. Buddy's first priority? Making sure that Anthony's okay.
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