Heartwarming / Cake Boss

  • For the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street, Buddy made a massive cake for the cast and crew of the show. The heartwarming part is that he also made a three foot in diameter chocolate chip cookie personally for the Cookie Monster, who he has stated is one of his favorite characters.
    Buddy's Employee: You talk about him like he's a real person.
    Buddy: He is.
  • Whenever someone commissions a wedding proposal cake (as in, the ring's on the cake), it turns into this.
    • One example is a guy who mentioned that he and girlfriend (later his fiancÚ) were both planning to become doctors and had met during their first year of medical school—when Buddy finished the cake and brought it to the hospital where the couple interned at, he and the guy got some other people from the hospital to help them and Buddy even disguised himself as a doctor to make the plan work even better.
    • Another example that has the same concept involved a guy who was working with a proposal planner—the guy mentioned that his girlfriend (later his fiancé) was really into baking and has always wanted to come to Carlo's Bakery, and the proposal planner got Mauro to help them take over one of the baking classes taught at the Lackawanna Center. The proposal planner hired a bunch of extras to pose as other people taking the class, and plan was that a group of cakes would spell out "Will You Marry Me?", which the guy's girlfriend would see and her boyfriend would pop the question then.
  • All of Carlo Salvatore Valastro's birth, including the reveal of his name.
  • "Soap, Sonograms and Surprises": Buddy and his oldest son, Buddy Jr., bake a cake together. Awww..
  • In one episode, Buddy took in four girls from the Make-A-Wish Foundation whose dreams were to be bakers, and he made one-of-a-kind cakes with them before making a hot air balloon cake for a reception that Make-A-Wish was holding. And some other things that happened in that same episode:
    • The last of the four girls was a teenager who explained that she was a cancer survivor, and Buddy, initially not expecting much, was so impressed with her cake decorating skills (which were actually quite good) that he offered her the chance to become an actual employee at Carlo's once she's old enough, which the girl gladly accepted.
    • Buddy's oldest sister, Grace, and her husband, Joey, were asked to make a speech at the reception—it turns out that their daughter, Bartolina, who suffered from epilepsy as a kid (but is now fine), was once offered the chance to "make a wish" through the foundation, but turned it down. Bartolina told them to give the opportunity someone else, she claimed that she already had everything she could ever want and need.
      • What's also really cool is that Bartolina has become a spokesperson for epilepsy and helps people understand what it's like for families to live with someone who has that condition.
  • Cousin Anthony accidentally totals the delivery truck in the Season 2 premiere. He calls Buddy, understandably upset and worried about his reaction. But what's Buddy's first priority when he's informed of what happened? Making sure that Anthony's okay.
  • After Buddy's mom, Mary Valastro Pinto, is diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (aka, "ALS" and "Lou Gehrig's disease"), a disease that weakens your muscles and motor skills, Buddy and his four older sisters eventually start a foundation called the "Momma Mary Foundation." The foundation not only helps their mom, but it also helps other people who may be dealing with the same thing that Buddy and his family have to go through.
  • Mary was briefly taken out of the bakery after being accused of being mean to some of the employees—she was eventually rehired, and by that time, she and Buddy managed to patch things up and acknowledged that Buddy, as the boss, had to do what was best for the business, but that they're still family and that they would eventually work things out.