Awesome / Cake Boss

  • While trying to bring a three-tiered birthday cake with handmade decorations down the stairs, it had to be lifted over the banister. One of the guys wasn't ready, and in an instant about 30 pounds of cake ended up on the floor. Miraculously, Buddy & Co. were able to recreate the entire cake in just an hour and a half.
  • The Transformers cake. It had to be made overnight in the special effects warehouse, because no freezer they had was big enough to make it keep.
  • In one episode, the gang was hired to make a life-size sculpture of Betty White, who was being roasted the Friar's Club in New York City. The kicker? The order had to be ready within 24 hours. The crew was understandably reluctant to take up the order (Buddy himself even stated that he prefers at least four days in advance for sculpture-type cakes), but Buddy (who's a big fan of Betty White), convinced them that they had to do it. They worked feverishly and had to pull an all-nighter, but they managed to pull it off—and it actually did look like Betty White. The real Betty White was impressed with it as well, especially with learning how the sculpture itself was mostly cake.
  • Really, ANY of Buddy's creations. The hand crafting and expertise to make these cakes show how skilled and dedicated Buddy and his fellow bakers are at their job and how they can do a lot of cool things with cake—and very few of them even went to culinary and Buddy himself never even finished high school (after his dad died, Buddy had to drop out of school to take over the bakery business and help support his family). Buddy and his staff are master chefs and no one can deny this fact about them.
  • In an episode called "Camp Carlo's," one of the orders that Buddy takes is from two women who had recently won a trophy in a coed tournament that happened to be for dodgeball—the women mentioned that their team happened to be the only all-women's team in the tournament, and during the consultation, Buddy that he was a champion dodgeball-player as a kid, and he and the two women make a bet: if Buddy's team wins, they get the trophy the women won and they get to pie the women's team while if the women's team wins, they not only get to keep their trophy, but they also get the cake for free and get to pie Buddy's team (which Buddy was reluctant to accept, since he's the one who normally gives out the pieing rather than being on the receiving end). At first, Buddy's confident that his team will win, but once they get to the match, Buddy realizes that he may have gotten in over his head—the women's team has likely had months and months of training whereas some of the guys on Buddy's team (the older, more experienced men who work at the bakery) aren't exactly in the best shape ever, which even Buddy himself acknowledges. The women's team ends up winning, so they get to keep their trophy, have their cake for free and pie Buddy and his team.
  • Carlos Bakery SURVIVED Hurricane Sandy, one of the most devastating storms in the past few years that did a lot of damage to most of the New England area. Yeah it was thanks to a small hill, but an older building tanking a storm like that is fairly impressive. (As noted by Buddy, there was only an inch before the water reached the transformer and put the bakery out of business for months)