Heartwarming / Button's Adventures

  • The sheer fact that Button's mother also enjoys video games, subverting the common idea of the parent being completely out of touch with the technology their child gets involved in.
    • Her giving him an old video game system also counts.
      • As does the fact she seems to be overall a good parent.
  • Button and Sweetie Belle having milkshakes together (despite his brain freeze).
  • Don't Mine At Night depicts Button as the Dogged Nice Guy, and unlike most examples, it may be mutual.
    • When Buttons takes Sweetie Belle's hoof before jumping into a pit, she blushes.
  • After the cease & desist order, Hasbro vice president of development Mike Vogel announced he doesn't particularly agree with his lawyers. What's more, Jan was actually able to cut a small deal with Hasbro's legal team.