Trivia / Button's Adventures

  • Actor Allusion: Button Mash has a statue of Spyro in his room. ShadyVox has voiced Spyro in a fan video before.
  • Fake American: Both Button Mash and his mother are voiced by British actors.
  • Fan Nickname: Button's Mom has been called, among other things, "Caring Heart" and "Love Tap" by fans.
  • One of Us: Button is the obvious example, though his mother also plays games and even speaks the fictional language Humgolian. "I was young once, too!"
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Hasbro issued a cease and desist on the series which forced Jan Animations to take it down. This has put a huge delay on the next episode as they essentially create new designs and Flash puppets for every single character. Although recently, Hasbro did allow Jan to re-work on his animations again, but it's unknown for sure of Button will stay the same.
    • Negotiations appear to be going well since Jan has been allowed to repost ''Don't Mine at Night''.
    • Jan later on posted a video explaining that in all actuality, Hasbro themselves didn't know about the C&D, that it was rather their lawyers that issued it. Never the less, Jan and Hasbro have been recently talking through emails, and from what he said, they're striking a deal that will "satisfy both parties".
    • Tragically, Hasbro sadly declined Jan to allow him to continue Button's Adventures, although Jan is still thankful for the fans who supported him through and through.