Heartwarming / Bonkers

  • In "Is Toon Fur Really Warm?", the scene where Marilyn and Skunky Skunk hug each other and this is after Skunky said he doesn't want to do a girls' birthday party because it would ruin his reputation and make him look soft. Jerk with a Heart of Gold, anyone?
    Marilyn (holding Skunky): You'll always be my favorite even though we'll never meet. Say, you're pretty warm. What am I talking about? It's just a doll.
    Skunky (springing to life): Nope-a-roo! It's caaaandid skunk!
    Marilyn: Skunky! It's you! (they hug)
  • In "The Day The Toon Stood Still," Toons are literally running out of time and fading away. Just before Lucky confronts the Big Bad, Bonkers tells him that if he doesn't hurry, all Toons everywhere will return to the drawing boards and eventually blank paper. Lucky is visibly shaken by this revelation and rushes into action. Moments later, when all hell breaks loose, you can see (for just a second or two) Lucky holding Bonkers and Fall-Apart Rabbit as they fearfully look on.
  • From "Basic Spraining," just two words: "Trust me."
    • The same episode has Lucky Piquel stand up for Bonkers when he fails his exam, and even confirms to Bonkers that he put his own job on the line for his sake. If his love for his family isn't enough proof that Lucky isn't a bad person in spite of his prejudice against toons, then this certainly is.
  • Bonkers' farewell to Lucky and his family in "New Partners on the Block". Before going away, Lucky gives Bonkers his old badge.
    • Then there's this exchange between Lucky and Miranda:
    Miranda: Good luck, Lucky.
    Lucky: Thanks, Miranda, but uh, he he, I think you'll need the luck. (referring to Bonkers)
  • "Stand In Dad". The whole episode is basically about how much Lucky loves Marilyn, and tries to be there for her as much as possible. You really get the impression that he'd do anything for his daughter. And that scene with the lost boy...Lucky may be a grouch at times, but he really IS good with kids.
  • In Cartoon Cornered, the Sarge develops a friendship with a toon clock, even though he hates toons. The kickers is when the clock saves the Sarge’s life before it's thrown over the cliff. The Sarge is outraged by this and yanks the villain over the cliff with him. And at the end, the Sarge takes the toon clock home with him.
  • In the first episode, you would think that all the fame he has would have made him mean and egotistical in the beginning, but he’s actually pretty nice even as an actor. He genuinely cares for his friends and his fans. He even knows all the stage hands and security guards by name. How sweet is that?
  • At the end of ‘Gone Bonkers’, Bonkers chooses to stay with Lucky instead of getting his acting career back.
  • Back to Lucky and Marilyn. In "Seems like old toons", Marilyn wanted to finish making the cartoon and wanted her Dad to help. Lucky protested at first but seeing how much this meant to her to finish the cartoon and help the other toons, he actually agreed to help her. This comes from someone who's such a jerk at times, to the toons. And despite the fact that the studio they were in, was currently being destroyed, this is another example on how much Lucky loves his little girl.
  • In "Miracle at the 34th Precinct", when the two elves, Jingles and Belle wanted Lucky to fill in for the real Santa(til they can find him), Lucky, being a mean old scrooge, refused to do it, til Belle showed(with magic) an imaginary scene to Lucky, seeing Marilyn so sad, to find no presents on Christmas morning and believes there's no Santa after all, and runs off in tears. That image made Lucky cry and have a change of heart,(plus he wants Marilyn to believe in Santa) filled in for Santa for his little girl's sake.
  • Bonkers and Miranda's partnership in general. They have such a sweet brother/sister relationship. Awwww!
  • Bonkers and Fawn's relationship. Sadly Fawn doesn't appear as much as 'Raw Toonage' but at the end of 'CasaBonkers', Bonkers and Fawn were walking together, enjoying each other's company and from Fawn's expression's were proof that she love Bonkers back in reality, not just in the 'Bonkers' cartoons. Despite the thoughtless mistakes the writers made for this episode,(Jitters, you SHOULD KNOW, Bonkers always loves Fawn. You co-stared with them in the 'Bonkers' cartoons for pete's sake!) the ending was still sweet.
  • The ending of "Quibbling Rivalry", where Miranda Wright's sister Shirley finally acknowledges Bonkers' heroics on the news and even says that she's proud to have Miranda as her sister.
  • In its own way, the revelation in "The 29th Page" that Bonkers has written poems about everyone he likes.