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Trivia: Bonkers

  • Greg Weisman, co-creator of Gargoyles, helped developed Bonkers and has, apparently, for years been trying to get it through fans' heads that Bonkers was not conceived as a replacement for a Roger Rabbit cartoon that never came to be. There were never any plans for a Roger Rabbit cartoon, but Weisman and his team certainly would have loved to make one. Instead, they took inspiration from their favorite toon rabbit and channeled it into their original creation. [1]
  • Bonkers gets a healthy dose of vitriolic hatred from the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers fandom — Bonkers was the show that bumped Rescue Rangers off the Disney Afternoon lineup, and the fandom has never forgiven the show (or Disney) for it. Rival studio Warner Bros. wasn't too thrilled with the show either; they wanted to use the title "Bonkers" for their own cartoon comedy series, which they eventually named Animaniacs. (The Animaniacs writers rarely passed up a chance to take potshots at Bonkers.)

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