Heartwarming / Benidorm

  • The ending to Series 3, which also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Madge talking to a picture of Mel about investing in something she believes in: him. Namely Mel Harvey's Leisure Industries.
    • Followed by Madge calling Mick 'son' for the first time in the series as they say goodnight to each other.
  • Noreen bringing Martin over to sit with her and Geoff as he has no one else to sit with after both Brandy and Kate leave him.
  • The Garvey's Happily Ever After ending in Series 7.
  • The ending to episode 3 of Series 7.
  • Geoff, after learning he was adopted, reassuring Noreen that she's still his Mum as far as he's concerned.
    Geoff: She's not me P.A... she's me Mum.