Trivia / Benidorm

  • Character Outlives Actor: Kenny Ireland (Donald) passed away prior to Series 7, but was mentioned in the first episode of Series 7 to be in France, as part of a partner swap with Welsh couple Glynn and Rhiannon.
  • Too Soon: In the summer of 2014, ITVrepeated Series 5 in a primetime slot. Episode 4 has a throwaway joke by Donald and Jacqueline about Rolf Harris having an affair and ends with Les singing Two Little Boys in the hotel's karaoke bar. The repeat broadcast of this episode was mere hours after Rolf Harris was convicted of child sex offences and sentenced to five years in prison. After a lot of media attention and a hasty apology, the repeat schedule quickly skipped over to Episode 6 the next week (despite Episode 5 having no objectionable content), and abruptly ended without showing Episode 7 (Series 5's finale).
  • Written by Cast Member: Steve Pemberton (Mick Garvey) and Neil Fitzmaurice (Lucky Kev) both wrote episodes of Series 5.