Heartwarming: Bambi


  • On being introduced to Bambi just after he's born:
    Thumper: Whacha gonna call him?
    Bambi's Mother: Well...I think I'll call him...Bambi.
    Bambi's Mother: Bambi... My little Bambi...
  • Bambi is so willing to embrace a Flower, a skunk, as a friend. That is tantamount to overlooking institutionalized racism. "Pretty! Pretty Flower!"
    • Flower names his son Bambi. That's how much Bambi's friendship meant to him. Even Thumper, Bambi's best friend since birth, didn't name his only child after him.
  • Bambi and Faline's tender reunion after the fire, made even better because Faline had spent the entire 'evacuation' frantically looking for him, seeing all the other families finding each other and slowly losing hope of the stag she loved surviving the blaze. And then he shows up.
    • And, of course, the first time they met. Crosses over with CMOF.
  • The birth of Bambi's children at the end of the movie.
  • Bambi apparently assuming the role of Great Prince at the end, looking down at Faline and his children in the same way his father did when he was born.
  • A butterfly lands on Bambi's tail. Then he calls a big flower a "butterfly".

Bambi II

  • The entire premise of Bambi II.
  • The baby otter that's whimpering in its sleep while "There Is Life" is playing. Its mother then gently wraps her tail around it, and the baby calms down and smiles.
  • A baby flying squirrel going out on its first flight with its mother. Riding on her back at first, it looks really scared, but when it finally comes down to it it takes to it like a duck to water, smiling in a "I did it!" sort of way at its mother.
  • When Bambi's temporary adopted mother is caught in a snare and you start to hear dogs in the distance, she snaps Bambi out of his frozen terror and tells him to run for his life. He starts to, but then realizes her exact words—"Don't look back! Keep running. Keep running!" He freezes, gets a determined look on his face, and goes back to save her.
  • Though the moment after it is definitely a Tear Jerker, Bambi and his father playing with one another in the forest, including the Prince knocking Bambi onto his back, then fuzzy-kissing his belly.
  • Kid!Ronno picking on Faline in what is a creepily good recreation of his attempted claim in the original movie. Faline Tells him to stop, in a tone of voice that suggests he's done this before. Ronno swipes at her "playfully" with his baby antlers, and she stumbles back. Bambi then stutters "L-L-Leave her alone!" His righteous indignation at the way Faline is being treated is wonderful.