Heartwarming / Melody Time

  • In the Once Upon a Wintertime segment, the male rabbit falls on the ice so the female rabbit fake falls to keep him company.
  • Johnny Appleseed is really just one long heartwarming moment, but the way the apples he planted brings peoples from all walks of life together is very sweet.
  • Johnny's relationship with his animal friends. At first they're scared of him since they think he's come to hunt them. But when a ditzy skunk wanders over, Johnny just smiles and pets him like a cat. Cue all the woodland critters (including a bear and a mountain lion!) rushing over to be petted. Aww.
  • Little Toot doing his best to help his dad since he wants to be just like him is cute enough. But when he becomes a hero and gets his wish to be just as good a tug as his pop, it's a heart melter.