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Heartwarming: An Idiot Abroad
  • At the end of Series 2, Ricky asks Karl if there's anything he didn't do that he might have, had he done it again. He says that he would have quite liked to do some karaoke in Japan, singing some Chas And Dave. Cut to Karl recording There Ain't No Pleasing You, with Chas And Dave. It's impossible not to smile at just how happy he is.
  • After meeting the transgenders in Bangkok Karl muses about how he'd react if found out Suzanne was 'actually a bloke' and concludes perhaps he wouldn't mind. Thought about for a moment that could mean he's so fond of his girlfriend he wouldn't mind if she turned out to be a man. Awwww... (still, Karl being Karl he would expect her/him to pull her/his weight a bit more and carry heavy shopping with him).
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