Heartwarming / Accel World

  • Chiyu telling Haru that he has good qualities he doesn't realize, such as sharing his snacks with her, finding her charm and fixing her Neurolinker.
  • Kuroyukihime-sempai's Heroic Sacrifice to save Haru.
  • Haruyuki saving Taku, aka Cyan Pile despite the guy kicking a lot of dogs. Because not only were they friends, they still are. And then he says how they both have to man up and tell Chiyuri everything.
  • The end of episode 24, with Kuroyukihime and Fuuko reuniting.
  • Episode 24, when Haru gets his wings back
  • In Volume 5, when Fuuko comes over and playfully teases Kuroyukihime about her closeness with Haru, Haru notices that while they have a fair ways to go before they reconnect, they were very close friends.
  • The part in Volume 5 in which Haruyuki comes to think of Nega Nebulus as like a family and resolves to protect them.
  • At the end of Volume 5, after Sky Raker informs Fuuko that she got her legs back, the two simply hug, with nothing more needing to be said, before thanking Haruyuki for his help.