Awesome / Accel World

  • Haruyuki's second battle against Ash Roller, where he outsmarts his opponent by exploiting a critical weakness in his bike.
  • Haruyuki's first battle against Cyan Pile, where he unlocks the ability to fly, which is an ability that had never previously been seen in the Accelerated World and causes all of the spectators to shit their pants in surprise.
  • Episode 11. Especially the battle between Yellow Radio and Black Lotus.
    Scarlet Rain: You better remember this! This is a battle between two Level 9s!
  • In Volume 3, Taku, by using deductive reasoning and the fact that he and Noumi are Not So Different, finds out when Noumi will accelerate- during an English test, in which he had a suspiciously perfect score- and uses that opportunity to challenge him to a duel.
  • The moment when Haruyuki equips Gale Thruster in episode 17. Pretty much the best way to equip stuff in games ever.
  • And then there's episode 22, where Haruyuki actually uses his detective skills to figure out how Noumi manages to stay off the matching list. Noumi's Villainous Breakdown when he finds out merely seals the deal.
  • Episode 23. To wit:
  • Episode 24! Chiyu outsmarts Noumi by reverting his avatar back to before he stole Haruyuki's wings, meaning Haruyuki gets them back. Then he combines his wings, Gale Thruster, and Incarnation power to pull off what has to be the most epic Finishing Move in the entire series!
    • When he was performing his Finishing Move, the fuel indicator going all crazy only served to add to the effect. And yes (for those unaware), the "blow-like sound with a circular burst of air" was him accelerating beyond the sound barrier.
  • Lime Bell's Exactly What I Aimed At moment from her two-on-two duel in Volume 5. She uses her time reversal ability on a giant insect, turning it into an egg. One of her opponents accidentally breaks the egg open, causing the insect to hatch and exclusively target him, resulting in his demise, and his partner quickly getting double-teamed and picked off by the other two.
  • Silver Crow and Kuroyukihime's duel in Volume 5. He manages to get her to fight seriously for the first time in a long time, and get over her guilt over killing Red Rider. In the end, though, she triumphs, and finishes him off with "Death By Embracing."