Heartwarming / A Hard Day's Night

  • George's moment with a saddened Ringo on the train, bonding over cigarettes when Ringo tells him that he thinks Paul's grandfather doesn't like him.
    • It's even sweeter because he sees that Ringo is looking sad and lights his cigarette for him.
    • Actually, George is a great friend to Ringo throughout the movie—when Ringo says there's a man in the closet, he's the only one who even bothers to look.
  • When the Beatles are setting up for their show, John notices that Ringo is looking down and decides to cheer him up...by following him around with a guitar and singing "If I Fell". This irritates Ringo at first, and he just deadpans and ignores John while continuing to set up his drum kit as if nothing is going on, but then Paul and George join in. Defeated, Ringo slumps down at his drum kit...begins to tap out a beat as if against his will...then notices what he's doing, breaks into a happy grin, and finishes the song with the rest of them.
  • Speaking of Ringo, the others may tease him, ignore him and bring him down, but when he's detained at the police station? Time for a Big Heroic Run!