Awesome / A Hard Day's Night

  • When John, Paul and George find out that Ringo has been wrongfully detained, they head out to pull the Big Damn Heroes thing. Hilariously, instead of explaining the situation, they just get the police to chase after them, too. All to a delightfully unexpected reprise of "Can't Buy Me Love."
  • Ringo telling off the stagehand who wants to mess with his drum kit.
    Stage Hand: Aren't you being rather arbitrary?
    Ringo: There you go, hiding behind a smoke screen of bourgeois clichés. I don't go messing about with your earphones, do I?
    Stage Hand: Spoilsport...
  • The opening guitar riff at the start of the movie, with the boys getting chased by fans in a pure expression of what Beatlemania was really like. Rock'n'roll movies were never the same after that.
    • In fact, at least one historian called that riff "a starting gun for a new era of rock'n'roll."
    • And nobody can agree on exactly what chord it is. Entire armies of guitarists keep trying to repeat it.note 
  • The video performance of "Can't Buy Me Love." Just the lads goofing off on a field. A thousand music videos can trace their origins back to this.
  • The Oxford English Dictionary's entry on the word "grotty" cites John Burke's novelization of this movie as the earliest example of the word in print. Since Burke's novelization was based on Alun Owen's script, which in turn was largely based on the Beatles' own conversations, this means that the band officially added a word to the English language with this movie.
  • The film itself arguably counts. It was intended to be a cheap quickie to cash in on a pop phenomenon that no one really expected to last much further beyond the end of the year it was made. Over fifty years later, it's still well-loved and often considered not just one of the best rock music films of The '60s, but one of the best films of The '60s period.