Heart Warming: Nerdł

  • What is one of the first things Dan does when when he hits 1,000,000 subscribers? He makes a video showing his favorite YouTubers.
  • When Dan gets emotionally attached to the baby badgers in Shelter
  • Arguably 'this gay kiss' shows Dan sticking up for gay rights as many comments asked him to take that part of the video down and he refused by showing it many more times after that.
  • The amount of people that Dan stuck up for in his Desert Bus videos.
  • Whenever Dan feels sad for Petey in Bully
  • Dan's video with Hannah Hart (of My Drunk Kitchen) where he reveals that she was his inspiration for quitting his "real job" and starting an exclusive career as a Youtube entertainer.
  • Dan using his publicity to help small indie games get greenlit on Steam.
  • Nighthood & Decoy helping Dan get rid of an unfair copyright claim.
  • Dan noticed on Twitter that his videos had been viewed half a billion times. Dad Cubed had this to say:
    "Congrats son on half a billion views, that's a bloody lot of laughs, here's to the next half billion."
  • Speaking of Dad Cubed, he and Dan shared a moment in one of their Father and Son-Days, reminiscing about an air show they used to see, and how the "Top Fun" games remind Dan of the air show, with Dan concluding with "I fucking love this game". It's a surprisingly sweet moment in a slew of videos where they cheerfully insult and murder each other, and shows that yes, they are family.
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