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Nightmare Fuel: Nerdł
Sweet Dreams.

  • Batman the teddie bear, interrupting the credits with creepy music in "Nerdł Plays... The Sims 3".
  • The Jump Scare at the end of Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • The duck at the end of "Nerdł Plays... Gone Home". It appears in similar fashion to Batman the teddie bear.
  • When playing Cookie Clicker, it starts out innocently enough, with Dan talking about the game and playing it. It then fades to a time-card and then fades back in, showing Dan addicted to the game with ominous music in the background. As the video fades to black, an agonized Dan can be heard.
    " me..."
  • While also a Crowning Moment of Funny, Barbie's inspiration wall comes out of nowhere.
  • "Vote Kitty President".
  • The Disco Dodgeball video was most likely nightmare fuel for anyone named James.
  • The Project Zomboid video opens up in The Sims, and as Dan's sim is walking out of the door, he gets attacked and killed by a zombie.
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