Headscratchers / 3-2-1 Penguins!

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    The main characters 
  • Why didn't Michelle ask Kevin if he thought she is pretty?
    • Well, he'll probably just say she's cute, but I guess she wanted an answer more specific from the other penguins.
  • Why was Zidgel wearing a bathrobe over his jumpsuit in More is More?
  • How can Jason and Michelle's grandmum not know that her two grandkids are off in outer space somewhere?
  • Why was the shower curtain covering Captain Zidgel if there wasn't anything to cover in the first place?
  • Why doesn't Kevin talk much?
  • How did Zidgel know Jason's name when they first met?
  • Why does Zidgel refer to Fidgel as the language expert in Compassion Crashin when Kevin is already established as the language expert?
  • In Do Unto Brothers, why was Michelle holding on to the side of the Rockhopper to keep from falling? There's no gravity in space.

  • How does Fidgel's scanner work exactly?
  • What would happen if someone on Planet Tell-a-Lie said, "The moon will fall"?
  • What does the Federation Academy consist of, anyway?
  • How does the Rockhopper transporter work?
  • Why do the majority of the T.V. episodes have both Jason and Michelle going with the Penguins on their missions? In some episodes like Lazy Daze, Invasion of the Body Swappers, and Wise Guys, one of the twins can be removed from the story and it wouldn't make that big of a difference.
  • Do the Bandicoot King, Lizard King, Grandmum, and Jason and Michelle's parents have names?
  • Why do the Penguins have three fingers on each hand when they could have had four?
  • How old are the Penguins anyway?
  • How did Planet Cross-Your-Heart get flooded with grape soda in the first place?