Headscratchers / Spy Kids

  • The MacGuffin of Spy Kids 2 is highly sought for being able to shut down electrical technology. Apparently, Donnagon has never heard of EMP bombs.
    • The only way to create EMP on a global scale at our current technology is with lots and lots of nukes. Maybe he wanted to take over the world without, y'know, killing all his future subjects with fallout. Also, most military computer systems are EMP hardened, but presumably not MacGuffin hardened.
    • Didn't you watch the movies? Pretty much all the complicated machinery in the series can be replaced by cheaper, conventional methods. For example, five hundred fully sapient robots in the first movie. That sounds really expensive. It's probably be cheaper just to buy a bunch of regular weapons, such as missiles and bombs, and then take the world by brute force. And of course, most conflicts could be resolved very easily if either the good or bad guys ever managed to bring some guns. But hey, it's a kids show, so MST3K Mantra.
  • Did anyone else notice Mr. Minion's voice changing from extremely high-pitched to normal beetween SK1 and SK2?
  • How in the world did the parents end up on the same side, working for the same organization? Did one of them defect to the other side? Did they move to a new country, which then welcomed two foreign spies into their own program, blindly trusting that neither were moles for their country of origin? It just doesn't make sense.
    • Because your former workmates would kill you for still knowing the information.
  • Why was the teleprompter from the second movie legally binding? It's either that, or promotions are handled through verbal contracts, which doesn't make a lick of sense. I realize that ending that scene with "No, wait, this paperwork all says Cortez. Donnagon, explain yourself, or you're fired. Out of a cannon." would have made it impossible to carry out the rest of the movie, but really... All we see is the teleprompter getting hacked, at which point Donnagon takes over.
    • On a similar note, if level two children agents can order around the president, then how come the president choses their boss? What keeps the president from choosing someone who will lower the power of the OSS?
    • Also, how come children can order around the president?
    • Likely, it's a situational thing. Like how the ship's chief medical officer can order the captain in cases of medical concerns. The agents just have highest authority when it comes to protecting the President, but they can't tell him what policies or actions to take in fulfilling his presidential duties.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the third film, when Romero shows up to help in the final battle, he's handed a pair of broken glasses because they're the last ones. Later on though, more characters are handed glasses that are perfectly fine. Why didn't anyone (on the production or otherwise) notice the continuity error?
    • Really, he just got broken ones because his normal glasses are broken too and it's funny.
      • Does Rule of Funny work if the joke sucked?
        • How so? For one thing, there's Fridge Brilliance in it. Of course they're perfect. Romero is used to wearing broken glasses.
    • Maybe they had more glasses, just not on hand, and they wanted everyone to join in the battle as soon as they possibly could, and the only pair they had at the time happened to be broken.
  • OK, the OSS suspects Floop is doing... something nefarious, and they're worried about it. So they send a spy in. He never returns. They send another spy in. He also never returns. They send a third spy in. Yet again, he never returns. You'd think by the fourth time they sent in a spy who never returned, they'd realize something bad was going down and get the Army/Navy/Air Force/SEALs/A-Team on the horn and storm the damn place.
    • Maybe they were involved in a war? Also, the A-Team isn't real in this universe either.
  • If playing it backwards is all you need to understand the words of people who were transformed by Floop, then how come nobody noticed that sooner? Was the Internet (specifically YouTube) nonexistent back then or something?
    • Yes? The movie came out in 2001, and YouTube was founded in 2005.
  • In the first movie, Machete shows them an airplane that can reach Floop's castle. In the next scene, they stay for the night at his place. Um. Why? Why did he show them the airplane if he wasn't planning to let them use it?
  • What happened to Carmen's left arm in the third movie?
    • Nothing; it was just a part of the suit she wore while in the game.
  • Is anyone else bothered by how quickly everyone forgets about Demetria in the third film? Juni finds out she's the Deceiver and seems really broken up about it, and then she offers to hold the door open, giving the others time to escape, but then once she disappears from the film, Juni goes right into complimenting how awesome his grandpa was and she's never mentioned again, not even after the Toymaker is released from the game and reforms - you'd think he would've...created another one of her, wouldn't he?
    • To be fair, after she's gone there's only a few minutes left before the credits.

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