Heartwarming: Spy Kids

  • Floop taking Juni's advice about his show needing heart, and bringing the Carmen and Juni robots onto the show.
    • The very fact that Floop only ever cares about his show doing well. He never cares about the villainous schemes going on. All he wants is to make his show better.
  • During the climax of the third movie, Gregorio is working on The Fourth Brain project. He's about to activate it and even says it's the most important moment of his life when his kids call him for help. Without a moment's hesitation he sweeps everything off the table and takes off.
    • And Felix follows right after him, this is super heartwarming because of what he says: "Well I'm their uncle." This is super heartwarming because after one whole movie of telling them he's not their uncle, he decides to accept it, he is their uncle.