Fridge / Spy Kids

Fridge Brilliance
  • The whole of the third movie is about preventing the Toymaker from escaping cyberspace, but once he does, it takes about five minutes to defeat his robots. It's not hard to argue that the Toymaker never wanted to take over the world; he just wanted to escape. He just had to make the OSS think he was a big enough threat so that they'd send someone for him to manipulate through the game.
  • Of course the broken game glasses are perfect. Romero spent so much time using his own broken pair of glasses that he just might not be able to see as well with a non-broken pair.

Fridge Horror
  • Watch the second Spy Kids. There is an scene where the kids are fighting skeletons on the island. The skeletons are the same size as them. As in, undead children!
    • Or possibly undead midgets.Or pigmys.
  • While we don't see anyone die in the films, it is indicated that they do go on other missions (i.e., after the first film). They've probably had these other missions go a lot worse, and the whole series could be taken Darker and Edgier and if you think about children being forced to kill its pretty horrifying. No wonder Juni wants to quit at the end of Spy Kids 2.
  • When we first see the footage of Carmen in the third movie, both of her arms are normal, later we see her with a robotic left arm, if Carmen was plugged in like Juni was, and what I think happened happened (she lost her arm in like the MegaRace or something like that) she felt the pain of her arm getting torn off geez.
    • That or it's just an Upgrade that you can purchase ingame.
  • Machete takes place in the same Universe as Spy Kids, according to Word of God. Let's hope Danny Trejo is wrong...or else Uncle Machete has some explaining to do.

Fridge Logic
  • The fourth film has a room full of Continuity Porn, with gadgets, costumes and props from the previous three movies. This includes Carmen and Juni's battle suits from Game Over, which didn't physically exist.
    • Maybe they're replicas Carmen and Juni commissioned.