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Characters: Spy Kids
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    Cortez Family 

Carmen Cortez

Daughter of Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez, Carmen starts of as Troubled, but Cute, seeing her family life as dull, hating her brother Juni, and bunked off school. That is until she learns her parents are professional spies, and teams up with Juni to rescue them. Over the films, she becomes a strong-hearted, intelligent and awesome Action Girl Teen Superspy, forming a strong Brother-Sister Team with Juni.

Juni Cortez

Carmen's younger brother and the shared main protagonist. Initially a bullied child and hiding in his fantasies, Juni matures and uses his intelligence to become a superb Teen Superspy. He forms a strong bond with Carmen in a Brother-Sister Team. He quit the OSS in the second film to become a Private Detective, but rejoins in the third film.

Gregorio Cortez

Carmen and Juni's dad, Ingrid's husband and younger brother to Machete, Gregorio starts off as a Reluctant Retiree but returns to his badass ways when his children become spies.

Ingrid Cortez

Gregorio's wife and Carmen and Juni's mother. A badass in her own right, Ingrid cares strongly for her family and will defend them with her life.

Isador "Machete" Cortez

Gregorio's older brother who stopped speaking to his brother years ago. He is a skilled inventor, having created countless gadgets for the OSS. Upon meeting Carmen and Juni, Machete agrees to reunite with his brother and becomes the Gadgeteer Genius for the kids.

Grandpa Valentin Avellan

Ingrid's father and the beloved grandfather of Carmen and Juni. He and the Toymaker were once friends until an incident caused by the Toymaker led to Valentin's confinement to a wheelchair. Now a Handicapped Badass, Valentin offers comforting but blunt advice to his family. He plays a major role in Spy Kids 3D when an opportunity to reunite with the Toymaker presents itself.

Grandma Helga Avellan

Ingrid's mother. She has an issue with Gregorio, considering him a bad influence on her daughter.

Felix Gumm

While not an actual member of the Cortez family, he is considered one and treated like an uncle. Carmen and Juni refer to him as "Uncle Felix" since he pretended to be their uncle, leading to a Running Gag where he reminds him of the truth.

  • Cool Uncle
  • Face-Heel Turn: Forced to betray the Cortezes by Donnegan to be spared from death. He survives, is forgiven and rejoins the family..
  • Honorary Uncle
  • Running Gag: Felix continuously reminds Carmen and Juni he is not their uncle. This is thrown out the window when he claims he is their uncle when called to help in the third film finale.
  • Secret Keeper: Protected Gregorio and Ingrid's secret from their children until he was forced to tell them.

Marissa Cortez-Wilson

Carmen and Juni's aunt and Gregorio's sister. Introduced in the fourth film, Marissa retires as a spy after giving birth to a daughter Maria. Living with her husband Wilbur, Maria, and step-children Rebecca and Cecil. The return of the evil Timekeeper/Tick-Tock forces Marissa back into action, taking Maria with her, and soon Rebecca and Cecil become involved in the OSS.

Rebecca Wilson

The female lead of the franchise by the fourth film, Rebecca is a mischievous prankster but is very bright and loyal to her family.

Cecil Wilson

Rebecca's brother. A quiet boy, Cecil is thrilled upon finding Marissa is a spy and is very enthusiastic about becoming a spy himself.

Maria Wilson

Marissa's young daughter who becomes a third Spy Kid following Rebecca and Cecil, even though she's a baby. Also nicknamed Spy Baby.

Wilbur Wilson

Marissa's husband and father of Rebecca and Cecil. He is an Intrepid Reporter who is investigating the existence of spies in the world, unaware virtually every member of his family is a spy.


Fegan Floop

Presenter of "Floop's Fooglies", Floop is an imaginative inventor whose only goal is to be the greatest kids' television host ever. Unfortunately, his technology has got him involved in the wrong crowd. Uninterested in the evil schemes his clients have, Floop wishes to bring fun and happiness to children.

Alexander Minion

Assistant to Floop, Minion seems to be the obedient and loyal servant any well-intentioned megalomaniac hopes for. Actually a former scientist in the OSS who helped make the Third Brain. He overthrows Floop with the intention on using the brain to power his evil army of robotic children.

Robo-Carmen and Robo-Juni

Robotic clones of Carmen and Juni built by Floop and Minion. They are stronger and tougher than their counterparts, although Robo-Juni is a bit of a klutz.

Mr. Lisp and Ms. Gradenko

An evil businessman and corrupt member of the OSS, Lisp and Ms. Gradenko are in league with Floop and Minion to control the world through clones of the children of the world leaders.

Donnagon Giggles

An ally to Gregorio and father to Gary and Gertie Giggles. While saved by Carmen and Juni in the first film, it turns out he has a hobby for trying to conquer the world and tries to use the Transmooker device to rule the world.

  • Bald of Evil
  • Big Bad: Of the second film.
  • Heel-Face Revolving Door: Gertie implies it is not the first time he has tried to conquer the world.
  • Karma Houdini: Despite being fired from the OSS by the President of the United States himself, Donnagon somehow ends up back in the organization in the third film, now working as a technician alongside his wife.
  • Large Ham
  • Meaningful Name: He really makes his last name make sense with his giggling in the second film. His kids also share this habit.
  • Take Over the World

Gary and Gertie Giggles

Carmen and Juni's rivals in the Spy Kids division and Donnagon's children. Gary is the bad boy of the division, being a bit of a Jerk Ass but seems to like Carmen. Gertie is mischeivous but the more reasonable and brainy of the two.

The Toymaker

Sebastian the Toymaker is a supervillain imprisoned within cyberspace by the OSS. However, he creates a virtual reality game called "Game Over" with the intention on escaping through the countless gamers reaching the core to free him. He has a dark past with Valentin.

The Timekeeper/Danger D'Amo

The villain of the fourth film. The Timekeeper wishes to freeze time using the Armageddon Device. He doubles as Danger D'Amo, head of the OSS. He really wishes to rewind time to reunite with his father, after being trapped in time and witnessing his father age and die.

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