Headscratchers / Saints Row

This page is for Headscratchers about the entire series. Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third have their own pages and Headscratchers for things only in those games should go on those pages.
  • Is Boss the only Boss, and Gat his underling? Or is Gat the other Boss that just doesn't show up so much?
    • Sometimes when doing something badass in Saints Row 2, with one of the female voices, the character will say, "...and that's why Gat answers to me." which indicates that the Boss is the only boss.
    • The feeling I got was Boss and Gat are technically equals, but Gat is quite happy as long as he gets to kill people. Boss makes all the decisions, and Johnny just tags along and racks up a body count. He's not the most strategic mind...
    • Gat is his/her second in command. It's been a while but I think early in Saints Row 2 you get Pierce, Shaundi, and Carlos, and Gat refers to them as "Generals". This is what the sub-bosses of the other gangs are, but there was always the Dragon right under the boss of the gang, like the girlfriend of Maero or the voodoo guy in the Sons of Samadi. So Boss is the leader, Gat is second, and Pierce, Shaundi, and Carlos are all equal. This is why Boss directly commands them, but usually lets Gat do whatever, but Gat is still subservient to Boss and listens when it's important.
    • It's also very much give and take. Boss listens to Carlos on breaking out of prison, Shaundi gets him\her into drugs, Gat will get Boss to go along with an alternate plan to rob and casino, and Pierce suggests hitting the Ultor party. Likewise Boss will tell Carlos he needs to lift his game, Shaundi is not to fight, Gat can't be off killing cops all day and goes off at Pierce for not concentrating on the job.
    • In Saints Row IV, there's a homie conversation between Gat and Kinzie(?) where Kinzie asks Gat why he didn't try to lead the saints, and Gat replies that he's not interested in leadership and just wants to blow shit up. So the Boss is Gat's superior, at least officially.
  • In Saints Row IV, the Zin abduct all of the Saints they fear could interfere with their plans or fight them. So... Why is Oleg left behind? Was being a giant, made of iron, one-man army not enough to constitute a threat?
    • YMMV, but it could be because Oleg mostly fights hand to hand. The Zin could see this as a sign of unintelligence, meaning he was harmless (as far as they knew.) Honestly, even though they sort of bumble into killing him, it was probably for the best, from the Zin's perspective.