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The "Buyers" that Julius mentioned in the end of the Westside Rollers arc are the Syndicate, not the Ronin.

Cyrus Temple is actually Kinzie's father
Kinzie's nightmare is pretty reasonable for an ultra kinky nerd girl who actually lost her job due to her not fitting in (while the Mossad lie was also a part of it, had they done a quality investigation, they would have found it to be a lie, plus she does admit the "moonlighting as a dominatrix" part was true, and she seems to think it was more a part of her firing), besides for Cyrus, who doesn't seem to fit. Additionally, her rage during her loyalty mission seems similarly out of place. Matt Miller revealed her secrets, got her fired and almost got her killed, and according to CID and his homie conversation, he has naked pictures of her, and they develop a respect and trust for each other over time. Cyrus is a dickhead, sure, but him running her nightmare Steelport and being the subject of so much hatred that it outright makes her go homicidal seems a bit strange. However, in 50's Steelport, it's mentioned that he's much younger looking. Why would the mental idea of Cyrus that is most dominant in Kinzie's mind not be the one that she knew after joining the Saints? It's simple: it wasn't the first time she knew him, because he's her father.

Cyrus Temple is the antithesis of everything that Kinzie Kensington is. She's a forward thinking tech loving non-traditional girl that shuns people (although desiring someone to be close to), and he's a conservative, militaristic, traditional man with very good people skills. However, deep down, they're quite similar. Both are extremely vindictive toward anyone they feel wronged them, to the point that they'd screw themselves and betray things they believed in and put a lot of time into to get revenge. Kinzie, when pushed to the edge, enjoys destruction and violence just as much as everyone else, and is willing to get up-close and personal and beat the shit out of people.

Now, what would lead to her hating him that much, him being in her personal nightmare, and her being his opposite yet so similar? Why does she know younger him? Because he was her (abusive, controlling) father. Think about it, why would she end up in the FBI? There's no way she would have chosen to join on her own. It involves working for others, obeying orders, being around tons of people and losing independence. She joined the Saints due to needing to. Why would she want to be in the FBI, unless she was forced to join the government in some way by her father? She's not even too broken up about going from being in a group massively slaughtered by the Saints (FBI attacks in Saints Row 2 at max wanted) to being in the Saints. In fact, she doesn't care. At all. The fact that he's a part of her worst fear seems to be logical, if he was a controlling, abusive factor in her life. And, quite obviously, it would be easy for her to erase any records of their relation. Also, in their homie conversation, Pierce and Kinzie talk about Paul, and Kinzie is about to explain who he is to Pierce, but he threatens her with a secret about something in her White Crib desk. Sexual stuff is no threat to Kinzie, and as secretive as she is, most things wouldn't be kept in a sentimental-type location like a desk. A family photo perhaps?

Additionally, even saying some of who she is genetic, a lot of her issues likely come from some earlier trauma. She doesn't even know to wash her hair, which seems to indicate that her family was extremely dysfunctional, and she apparently had nobody she was close to while growing up, ever, which would make sense if her father was an abusive, misogynistic man with his entire life being focused on his career. Considering that she comments in one of her homie conversations in this game that the Boss has banned her from using the word "sister(s)" due to her constantly seeking a "familial connection", her mother was likely dead as well.

The Next Saints Row will return to Stillwater and feature a new gang and protagonist with the Third Street Saints present being minimal.
  • Word of God states that IV will end the story of The Third Street Saints.
    • The Boss returns to Stilwater, albeit a virtual recreation, for one mission.

Saints Row V will be a prequel revolving around Julius and the founding of the Original Saints.
While Word of God states that IV will end the third Street Saints saga this could simply mean that their story won't go further but can go backward and not shift focus of the saints completely.

Saints Row is actually a part of the same verse as Red Faction.
Ultor's presence isn't just a reference to Red Faction, but actually makes the Saints Row series a prequel. Dialogue from the Ultor Exposed and Corporate Warfare expansions hints at this:
  • From Ultor Exposed:
    Boss: Why does a mining vehicle need a goddamn turret?
    Tera: You gotta blast through rock. Makes sense to me.
    Boss: Were the hell are you people mining?!
    Tera: You'd never believe me if I told you.
    During the second mission, Burden of Proof
  • From Corporate Warfare:
    Boss: Hey, as long as you leave me and mine alone, you can go to Mars for all I care.
    After the third mission, Ultor Family Fun Day, to Eric Gryphon, Ultor head of projects.
  • Canon, Word of God said so.
  • How about this theory? Red Faction is a novel series in the Saints Row universe. The first one was written in the time after Saints Row 1, when the small company Ultor rose to power. The writer fearing Ultor's business practice and general power, used them as bad guys in his novel. Which is the story of the first game. Shortly before Saints Row 2, the novel was adapted into a TV series, however the writers took large liberties with the story changing the name, the personality of the characters and general theme of the novel, resulting in the cheesy Red Planet Red Passion series, whose adds you hear on the radio. In the time between 2 and the Third, a second novel was written under pressure by the publisher. The novel was rushed and not that well written, also because of an Ultor lawsuit the writer was forbidden from throwing in any mentioning of Ultor. Explaining the large difference story wise between Red Faction 1 and 2. Red Faction Guerrilla now is written in the time after Saints Row the Third. With the Gangster in Space movie coming out the publisher wants the writer to bring out another Red Faction novel. The writer inspired by the news of S.T.A.G. taking over Steelport under the guise of helping the people, decides to use Earth's military as the bad guys, which explains the similarity between S.T.A.G. and the EDF (white armor, face covering masks, high tech weapons, even the S.T.A.G. barricades look familiar). It's up to Saints Row IV to drop hints on what inspired Armageddon. The zombie outbreak however could be an explanation for the Bugs in it.

American Psycho is a prequel to Saint's Row
Bateman can get away with what he does because Stillwater's police system is far from perfect if he even does it. Due to his status as an Unreliable possibly schizophrenic Narrator, his location would have been a lie. Not much is given about the high class lifestyle in Stillwater, but we could take a guess and say Patrick was working for Ultor. Stillwater is the perfect place to be a serial killer, after all.

The Boss is an ancestor to Parker and Mason from Red Faction
Exactly What It Says on the Tin

The underlying plot of the game is war between Ultor and Unkut
Just the transition from clothing company to multinational omnicorp takes MASSIVE resources; and if one company was raking in those kind of profits, it's not unlikely that Unkut, as the most visible competitor, was pulling in similar amounts. When Ultor started pulling ahead in the world-domination race, Unkut looked for some way to sabotage their plans. Somewhere down the line, they hear about an insanely determined gangster convalescing in hospital. Over the next couple of years, they pump the Boss full of cybernetic enhancements, bio-boosting drugs, and whatever else they could find, knowing that when they woke up the first thing they'd point himself/herself at was the biggest authority figure in sight, namely Ultor.

This is the reason the Boss is even tougher in the sequel, and capable of amazing feats of strength like pulling parking meters out of the concrete. By the time the DLC came out, the Boss has found out about all of this, but between their being psychotic and Unkut likely being run by nutjobs ala Aperture Science, they negotiated the Boss's silence in return for exclusive rights to Unkut merch and tattoos.

Before the shootout at the beginning of SR1, Playa/The Boss was...
In the military. He is able to shoot like a pro just moments after buying his first gun and is capable of using just about every weapon he acquires with ease, he has no problem driving and flying a wide range of vehicles, and he's good at shutting up and doing what he's told (up to a point, anyway). Hell, one of the expressions in SR2 is a military salute.
  • Backed up, somewhat, if you consider some lines of dialogue by Britboss in SR3. During one of the Heli Assault Activities:
    Kinzie: Next stop, Matt Miller's girlfriend's house.
    Boss: You know where she lives?
    Kinzie: Everything about you is on the Internet. I even know your real name. It's-
    Boss: Classified, for a reason.
  • During "My Name is Cyrus Temple":
    Boss (disguised as Cyrus Temple): I'm more of a Stilwater bloke myself.
    Kia: 'Bloke', sir?
    Boss: Err... yeah! Picked it up when I was stationed in Britain.
    Kia: Sir, I've seen your jacket. You were never stationed overseas.
    Boss: Of course I wasn't. Umm... I've probably said too much. Just forget we ever had this conversation.
    Kia: O-oh! Of course, sir.
  • Trojan Whores also seems to back it up, is it just me or in the end of the cutscene at the party didn't the boss seem professional, the way he disarmed that ho that was about to kill Peirce and then the roll was very convincing that he knows how to get a firearm away and it shows that he must be good at taking cover, I bring this up though because I am playing it right now though.

The Boss is a Reality Warper whose powers grow with his/her influence.
Specifically, s/he is subconsciously reshaping the world to be more conductive to his/her destructive and extravagant criminal lifestyle, possibly after playing too much Grand Theft Auto. As s/he grows in power, the world becomes more accepting of the Saints and his/her rampages, possibly because now anyone can be shot, stabbed, exploded, beat with a giant purple dildo, run over, drowned, and fall from 10,000 feet up and be fine after getting rushed to the hospital.

The Boss is an ancestor of earth born Commander Shepard.
Well, my Shepard and Boss both look relatively alike due. And with how the Saints are spreading in Saints Row the Third, I wouldn't be surprised if they end up plunging a lot of the world into gang warfare. And if you choose to give Shepard a history of running with gangs then it all seems to fit together so nicely.
  • A fair few people would go that route.
  • Tying in the "Red Faction Prequel" theory, The Boss is both ancestor to Commander Shepard AND Alec Mason: Earth in both universes was heavily implied to be a Crapsack World until Protheon technology was uncovered on Mars: presumably after the unpleasant business in Red Faction: Armageddon, what was left of the Martian Colony unearthed the Protheon tech, and helped both it AND Earth recover to form a space-age empire.

The Boss is a Scion
The only possible explanation for her extraordinary endurance and charisma.

The Boss is the reincarnation of The Boss.
All that built-up karma from being a war hero comes in handy when you're throwing yourself into all sorts of risky, illegal business. Martial prowess and leadership seem to have spilled over too.

Zombie Lin Will Return:
They keep making references to her and it seems she's still roaming around Stilwater.

Saints Row is set in the Wanted Universe and the Boss is the last super-villain on the planet...

Somehow the Cabel in the Wanted Comicverse ended up wiping themselves out. Leaving a broken and pretty corrupt world behind them. A world where cops can be bribed to ridiculous levels and death games are prime time TV. The Boss is the world's last super-villain, able to become bulletproof, fire unlimited bullets even complete feats of near impossible badass violence. However compared to a certain rapist nihilist blonde who had a habit of shooting up Police stations. He's considered an improvement of sorts.

The Boss is the result of a military experiment
Sometime before Saints Row, The Boss (and maybe his/her lover) were attacked by a gang. The military saved them, and started working on them so that they'd be the ultimate soldiers. But his/her lover died during the experiment. The Boss however survived. They performed plastic surgery on him/her so nobody would recognize them (if The Boss is female, it explains why she looks like a man in the first Saints Row — to hide her true identity. But then the restoration in Saints Row 2 puts her back to normal) But he/she escaped, and now wants to take over by whatever means necessary so that he/she can prevent it from happening again. It's why he/she is able to regenerate health, and get simple treatments to come back from the dead.
  • Another possibility is that The Boss proved so dangerous back when they were the Playa in the first game that the military decided to make them the first guinea pig for their new super soldier program, because they'd be more likely to survive the tests. And even if they died, who would care about a gangbanger that had caused so much carnage for the city? The treatments were a success and The Boss became nigh immortal, with a healing factor and superhumanly good fighting skills, but then he woke up and got broken out of prison before they could install the mind control, and they ended up with an Axe-Crazy Phlebotinum Rebel.
Josh Birk has brain damage
He got it after the Saints kidnapped him. More specifically, when The Boss punched him in the face. The Boss has superhuman strength; getting punched by him/her would be sure to rattle Josh's poor, tiny brain quite a bit. His mind split in two and now he suffers from a form of split-personality disorder. Which is why you're able to have both Josh and Nyte Blade as your homies. Because, half the time, he truly believes he's Nyte Blade.

The Saints Become Ultor.

Ultor started off as a quaint little clothing store in the first game, became a Mega Corp. in the second game, and was taken over by the Saints in The Third. Considering the Saints went on to take over Steelport and declare it an independent nation in the game's True Ending, it's not hard to imagine the Saints would, sometime in the distant future, start calling themselves Ultor again.
  • Already semi-confirmed and semi-Jossed. It's stated towards the beginning of The Third that the Saints and Ultor merged, which is what has allowed the Saints to become a merchandising empire, complete with movie deal.

The Next Great Sequel in the Saints Row Franchise will be a Gaiden Game.
Featuring a group of Saints fans who start their own gang and take several levels in badass along the way.

Saints Row is set in the Tarantino verse
It's a lot more violent, full of pop culture references, and basically a parody of itself. Sound familiar?

Most if not all of Saints Row 4 was a continuation of Gangsters in Space.
The first mission, that was real. However Boss and the Saints took certain liberties with what really happened. After the schlock fest that was in the third game the Saints knew they could do it bigger and better.

The Boss is approximately in his/her 30's by Saints Row IV.
During Male Voice 1 Boss's sing-a-long with Pierce of Sublime's What I Got in Saints Row: The Third, the Boss remarks, "Dude, this was, like... this was my high school." Going off of that, The Boss would be in high school in 1996, so the Boss would've probably been born somewhere between 1982 and 1986, which would mean that in the events of The Third, the boss would be anywhere from 29 to 33, and since IV has a five year time skip, that would put their age at 34-38.
  • Minimum of 35 by IV, assuming that the Constitution has not been amended to allow presidents younger than 35 (notably, the 31st amendment that's All There in the Manual allows foreign-born presidents, allowing for Aussie Boss and French Boss). Since that's the 31st amendment, though, and in real life we only have 27 amendments, who knows what amendments 28, 29 and 30 are?

Saint' Row are a cult dedicated to Slaanesh.
Purple/pink color scheme? Check. Drugs? Check. Music? Check. Over the top acts? Check. Constantly seeking more and more stimulation, driving them to more and more extreme actions? Double check. Maybe they also worship Khrone, despite two deities being enemies, which would explain their bloodthirsty nature. Saints is a front for Slaanesh cult.

Playa/The Boss wasn't saved at the start of the first game; the entire series consists of him going through the stages of grief in the afterlife.
Saints Row 1: Denial. Playa lives through an elaborate fantasy in which he gets revenge on the gangs whose feuding resulted in his death. This fantasy also involves being part of a better gang than all of them.

Saints Row 2: Anger. Playa, now The Boss, takes a darker turn as he becomes increasingly more vicious and vengeful. When a character in his own fantasy tries to make him stop, he simply kills him.

Saints Row The Third: Bargaining. The truth of a greater reality begins to seep into The Boss' fantasy world, manifesting as bizarre things such as Professor Genki because they're so incongruent. The Boss' subconscious mind desperately attempts to fit these elements into the world it has created.

Saints Row IV: Depression. Subconsciously realizing that there's no use clinging on to the fantasy any longer, The Boss has his fantasy world utterly destroyed. He's still stuck in a false reality, except now, at least on some level, he consciously knows it. The bitterness of his past exploits comes back to haunt him.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell: Possibly Acceptance. The Boss finally subconsciously acknowledges the existence of the afterlife as he/she gets dragged into Hell by Satan.

The gang will contain at least one non-human in Saints Row V
They did just take over an intergalactic empire. My guess, it will be a Zin or maybe one of CID's original species.

Genki will become an enemy
He is Made of Iron and batshit insane. He'd be a fun enemy to fight.

The boss used Nolan North as an alias during the election
Come on, do you really think we'd be told his/her real name?

The Boss being kidnapped by the devil will only be Act 1 of Gat out of Hell.
The rest will center around the discovery that Gat is, in fact, descended from (possibly the son of) either the devil or some other bigwig of Hell. Because I can think of no other reason for Gat to have grown the freaking WINGS he seems to have in some of the trailer shots.

Gat Out of Hell will see the return of the other dead characters.
Since Dane Vogel has already been shown in the trailer, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch.
  • Here's hoping Kazuo Akuji makes an appearance!

The Boss never woke from his/her coma from the first game, and all subsequent games are a dream.
Each game gets Denser and Wackier because The Boss is subconsciously trying to wake up.

The next game will reboot the series as an alternate timeline
Something will mess up with the time travel thing and rewind time to the first game, and events will play out differently.
  • Sort of. Agents of MAYHEM is set in an alternate universe where the Saints never existed per se, but the individuals still do and MAYHEM itself bears some similarities.
Agents of Mayhem is a spinoff set in an Alternate Continuity.
The initial cinematic trailer shows that the agency uses a purple fleur-de-lis as their logo, just like the Third Street Saints. Whether or not this is a sequel to Saints Row IV has yet to be determined, but given that the earth was blown up in that game, it's more likely that this is an alternate continuity.
  • Confirmed. Agents of Mayhem is set in the Cosmic Retcon timeline.
No matter the gender, race, or voice set you pick the Boss is Nolan North.
Man of a Thousand Voices indeed but also apparently a thousand possible physical appearances. And then just assume by SRIV Nolan potentially got tired of the masquerade and went back to their normal voice.