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Headscratchers: Kamen Rider Gaim
  • How come Bravo's pre-henshin song is the American-based guitar instead of the European-based trumpets? Gladiators were a European thing (Greece/Rome's European).
    • The Guitar sound seems to be the 'Evil' sound, since the only other rider to have it is Bushin Gaim from the movie
      • It seems to be a theme for Wild Card Riders who owe allegience to no side. The Riders to have used the theme so far are Bravo (who very much holds his own values above everything else), Blood Orange Gaim (who is a faction unto himself) and the mass-production Drivers that can be used (and potentially abused) by anyone.
  • In #6, after Kurokage and Gridon are defeated by Gaim and Ryugen respectively, they lose their lock seeds to them, requiring Ryoji and Hideyasu to buy new ones from Sid. However, why did Gaim not lose his lock seed to Zangetsu when Zangetsu defeated him? In the same way, why did Baron not lose his banana lock seed to Kurokage and Gridon when they defeat him?
    • Well, Gaim vs. Zangetsu was in Inves Forest, so it may not work there. As for when Kaito got taken out...maybe it only works when it's one Rider vs. one Rider?
    • It might have to do with the rank on their Seeds. If you notice, the Acorn and Pinecone Lockseeds are a different level (B and C respectively) compared to the other Lockseeds.
    • Gaim vs Zangetsu wasn't an official fight, Zangetsu just decided to try to kill Gaim because he didn't approve of him.
    • We have now seen that when a Rider loses to another Rider in Helheim forest, they don't lose their Lock Seeds to them like they do in their world. Still does not explain why Kaito didn't lose his banana Lock Seed when Ryoji and Hideyasu defeated him. Perhaps a possible explanation is that he was defeated by two Riders instead of being a one-on-one fight, thus the Lock Seed couldn't "decide" which Rider to go to amongst Kurokage and Gridon.
    • It might be because Kurokage and Gridon's Lock Seed classes where too low for that effect to work on Baron's Banana Lock Seed.
    • It could even be attributed to the two on one nature. Maybe the Lockseed wasn't sent to either because there wasn't a way to divide it between Gridon and Kurokage.
    • Lockseeds are only lost in Invess games fights. If it's just 1 on 1 then out in the street then it doesn't count. Gridon and Kurokage weren't technically in a match with Baron so he wouldn't have lost his lock.
  • Mitcchy's fight was broadcasted like Kota's was. We've seen that at least 2 people from his school watch Invess games. Isn't he worried that someone from school might find out about him being a Beat Rider?
    • Would he honestly care? I think he cares more about if his brother would find out, and considering he didn't even look at the list of Riders...
    • #7 shows that DJ Sagara is connected to the Yggdrasill Corporation, monitoring the Riders and managing information control. One wonders why he is not telling Takatora either...
  • Team Gaim sure is successful as a dance unit...for only ever performing to the same song.
    • Oh for the love of... first of all, we don't follow them all the time. Also, like they said in #7, they're just doing it for fun; it's not a professional dance thing.
      • Point is, they have a large fanbase (with their own fan goods) that seems surprisingly content with their signature beat being played at every performance. Which has nearly become a once-per-episode occurrence (even dream!Mai dances to it).
    • Well we've established at least some people show up just for the Invess games or the Riders. Maybe they all just really like the song or don't care and just come to watch the dancing.
    • It's similar to how Otoya Kurenai is a master violinist who only ever plays one song.
  • Okay, so regular Lockseeds have the serials of LS-## and Energy ones have ELS-##. I get that. But what about the Kachidoki Lockseed and its KLS-##? What kind of seed-type is that?
    • Maybe a multitude of fruits? The shape of the Lockseed brings to mind a box of oranges (which is popular in Japan).
    • Bingo! New images show that the interior of the Lock Seed seems to include cuts of all of Gaim's fruits (Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Watermelon), and seemingly those of the New Generation Riders (Melon, Lemon, Peach, Cherry). It also has a hidden faceplate of Gaim's updated form, which requires a key to access. How this is going to be created, is ANYONE'S guess at this point. Interestingly, the multi-fruit cuts and faceplace are together, making it seem that the Kachidoki Lock grants two forms and not just one...
  • Are Energy Lockseeds artificial Lockseeds, or are they enhanced Lockseeds?
    • It seems like Ryoma made them based off the data he obtained from the various Locks the Beat Riders used.
  • How did the Beat Riders manage to jailbreak the Lockseeds?
    • As was stated in the episode Sid told them how to jailbreak the Lockseeds.
  • Did Kota steal one of the mass-production Sengoku Drivers as well? Because I keep seeing people claim he did...
    • It was not shown that he has one. We only saw Baron steal a belt which will be used by Armored Rider Knuckle.
    • Yeah, many people got confused by Kaito grabbing the Spare Driver and then in the next scene see Kota grab a Driver also. Thing is, that Driver is his own personal one, and that's where the confusion hits.
  • Since the Genesis Drivers don't have faceplates, what would happen is they switched lock seeds? For example is Zangetsu Shin capable of getting Lemon Energy Arms or would he just turn into Duke?
    • Well although we have no evidence one-way or another the most likely option is that the New Generation Rider would get the Arms.
    • Baron's Lemon Energy Arms has his own logo on it despite the logos being on the fruit armour so this pretty clearly indicates that they'd just being wearing each others armour. Not that it'll happen.
  • So the Beat Riders decide to hold a huge dance off to regain good press, but how exactly is that supposed to help them redeem themselves? And more to the point, why does them dancing suddenly get so much positive attention from people? As far as everyone knows, they are still responsible for the invading Invess. Shouldn't everyone still be bashing them, instead of the positive acclaim they got at the end of episode 18?
    • The summary I read gave me the impression that Mai was also getting the teams to swear off the Inves Game.
    • The city held the Beat Riders responsible for the Inves attacks, which they believe started because of the Inves Game, which in turn started as a way for the different teams to assert dominance over each other. By having all the teams dancing together, they're symbolically swearing off the Inves Game, and from there, apologizing for/shaking off the blame for the attacks.
  • So let me get this straight: Yggdrasil's goal is to prevent Helheim from taking over the world. Okay, logical... But then they decide to hand Lockseeds, devices that can rip open portals to Helheim, to kids who abuse them like no tomorrow and might cause more rips, something they don't want... Why? Sure, there's the fact that they want to scapegoat them when the invasion begins, but do they have anything to gain from that other than causing more rips which is detrimental to their goal? The Sengoku Drivers at least have a reason to be handed out to kids as they need test subjects, though why they don't decide to hand them to anyone who wants to fight the Inves, therefore helping their cause is up in the air. Needless to say, there's a lot of holes in Yggdrasil's plan.
    • Since the cracks are opening naturally anyway (and speeding up, if Ryouma is to be believed), having the Beat Riders open more is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. As for the matter of their choices, they wanted a two step plan. A) Have a bunch of kid scapegoats that could be easily blamed when more Inves and cracks appear, it would be assumed to be their fault. And B) Eventually some would likely learn the truth like Kota and Kaito. They, or Takatora to be specific would be hoping that a few would join up with them. Kaito might not, but Takatora seems to have trust in Kota.
    • Takatora did state that the cracks were opening so fast, that they didn't have enough manpower. It's possible they just didn't have the test subjects in their group. The more that know, the larger the possibility of a security breach. Also the Lock Seeds being handled out were controlled, if Armored Rider wasn't an idiot like Oren, they have complete control over Inves. Like Kaito.
  • Or it could be that they're trying to find a way to control the cracks. Since Lockseeds open up cracks intentionally, Yggdrasil can actually monitor how, when and where the cracks open, along with figuring out a way to stop them permanently.
  • Why is it that, during a certain episode, Micchy would suddenly turn off an archived footage of Yuya turning Inves just as Kouta was watching said video? Aren't they both looking for their dance group's leader?
    • Because he doesn't want Kota to know he killed his best friend.
    • You saw how Kota reacted to Hase getting killed and him reacting to the city in Helheim! I'd imagine if he found out he killed Yuya, he'll go catatonic out of grief and guilt!
      • I was right. Kota did not handle the fact his first Inves kill was really Yuuya very well.
  • Speaking of above, what the fuck was Yuya thinking?! Was it really necessary to eat that fruit?
    • It was shown multiple times that the fruit is VERY inciting, despite it looking like an alien spawn
    • Precisely. Be it the smell, or some other manipulation, everyone that sees the fruit has wanted to eat it. Kota was about to also when he first saw it...until his attention was broken.
  • For all his talk about strength, and all everyone else talks up the character, why the hell has Baron LOST most of his fights? I get that he's trying to find strength, but you'd think he'd have some competence to start with.
    • Sometimes to find true strength, one must first realize how little they posses in the first place.
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