Quotes: Kamen Rider Gaim

Belt Calls

"Soiya! Orange Arms! Hanamichi note  on stage!"

"Soiya! Pine Arms! Funsai destroy!"

"Soiya! Ichigo Arms! Shushutto spark!"

"Soiya! Kachidoki Arms! Iza Shutsujin! Ei, Ei, Oh!"

"Fruit basket! Lock Open! Kiwami Arms! Dai-dai-dai-dai-dai shogun!"

"Come on! Banana Arms! Knight of Spear!"

"Come on! Mango Arms! Fight of Hammer!"

"Hai! Budou Arms! Ryu, Hou, Ha-Ha-Ha!"

"Hai! Kiwi Arms! Geki, Rin, Sei-ya Ha!!"

"Soiya! Matsubokkuri Arms! Ichigekinote  in the shadows!"

"Come on! Donguri Arms! Never give up!"

"(guitar riff) Durian Arms! Mister Dangerous!"

"Melon Arms! Tenka Gomen!"

"Kurumi Arms! Mister Knuckleman!"

"Suika Arms! Odama big bang!"

Hai! Yomotsu Heguri Arms! Mei Kai Yomi! Yomi! Yomi!

Soiya! Darkness Arms! Ogon no Kajitsu!

Other Quotes

"Pluck the fruit of heaven. That the world will be dyed in your image. Is that the glory you seek? Is that burden one you can bear? Know this. The lives of men are not ours to control, not even our own. We cannot deny the inexorable current of fate that carries us. But what if fate itself were to call you... To change the world? To turn the course of the future? You cannot defy your fate. But the fate of the world is in your hands!"
— The opening narration for Episode 1