Headscratchers / Jingle All the Way

The 1996 film:

  • It bugs the hell out of me at the end, why did Howard say I think I have an idea after his wife thanks him for saving Jamie. What did that even mean?
    • He is making a remark that he knows how the father of Jamie would feel in that moment, without outright saying that he himself is. Duh.
    • Okay, then why wouldn't they know that that is his father? How many 6 foot austrians with thick accents were in the movie anyway?
      • First off, what kind of question is that? Just because you haven't seen any other ones besides Howard, doesn't mean there aren't any. Second off, having Liz and Jamie immediately discover Howard as Turbo Man would have ruined the scene. They find out eventually anyway, and it helps that he was in costume as a super hero and was supposed to look that way. And as for his Austrian accent, i believe the costume had a voice modulator attached so that he sounded like the superhero.
  • Did Jamie think his dad was really Turbo Man? At that age, it wouldn't be unusual for him to think that Turbo Man was a real person. Maybe he figured that his dad had a hard time keeping his promises because he had a double life a superhero.
    • He clearly didn't think Myron was really Dementor, since he had a change of heart and gave him the doll so he could make his son happy. When he said "who needs the doll, I've got the real Turbo Man at home!", he probably meant that he had finally achieved a meaningful relationship with his dad, and that's all he wanted.
    • I don't think Jamie really thought his dad was Turbo Man, I think he figured that, since Howard flew around, fired Turbo Discs, threw the Turborang, and fought Dementor and cohorts, he basically was Turbo Man in spirit and attitude.
  • Why in this world are jetpacks apparently so commonplace that they can have one readily available for a children's mascot in a parade, yet Ahnold's character is so suprised to see a real one?
    • The techie babbling all the jargon as Ahnold is getting dressed in Turbo Man gear implies that it's experimental, given the accident that happened to the previous stunt man.
  • Why do people keep referring to Turbo Man as a "doll"? Dolls are for girls. It's an action figure!
    • As Myron corrected.
    • And it doesn't matter.
  • Not very plot relevant, but at the end when Ted angrily tells his son they should go home, the son says Ted smells like barf. Kids Say the Darnedest Things aside, why would Ted smell like barf? He got hit with a carton of eggnog, unless there's a deleted scene where he puked or something.
    • Eggnog = Dairy. Dairy + Time = Spoiled. Spoiled Dairy = Stink.
  • Maybe the eggnog was off.