Awesome / Jingle All the Way

The 1996 film:

  • Howard, just about had it, punches at a crazy reindeer.
    "You started it."
  • Howard as Turbo Man. Every bit of it.
    • The feeling of victory he has when he finally gets his hands on a Turbo Man doll, and can give it to his son right there at the parade. Crosses over with Heartwarming Moment.
  • At the parade near the end, when Ted tries his ultimate attempt at seducing Liz while alone with her in the car, therefore even trying to get her to cheat on Howard, at the last moment, when finally finding that out and just as Ted is going in for the kill kinesthetically, Liz finally hits Ted over the head with a jug of eggnog just before leaving the car, which is exactly what he deserves. Because it happened to be opened, it manages to stain his glasses and bend them out of proportion. His response with this incident turns out being "Well, that didn't go as well as I'd hoped."