Headscratchers / Iron Man

The Films

The comics

  • If Tony ever has to wear the Iron Man armour for a stretch of several hours, what does he do if he needs to use the bathroom?
    • The same thing astronauts and EOD techs do. The armor has a bladder.
    • Iron Man 2 offers an explanation.

  • In All-New, All-Different Avengers, Tony's flying car has the capability of becoming a fully-functional Iron Man Armor. What happens if there's a passenger inside when he switches modes?

  • Where does Zeke Stane fit into Marvel's count of the smartest people in the world?
    • Hasn't made any of the lists I've ever seen.
    • There's never been an official list just generally the big science guys (Doom, Reed, Tony, Pym, Bruce, McCoy) with no real known order and then for sure Amadeus was known as the 7th. However since Stane is technically suppose to be smarter Overall with Tony there is a shift that hasn't been accounted for.
    • Tony eventually realizes that Zeke isn't smarter or even as smart as himself, just much more ruthless about reverse-engineering Tony's inventions and selling very cheap knock-offs to terrorists.