![[Film/IronMan The Films]]
* Headscratchers/IronMan1
* Headscratchers/IronMan2
* Headscratchers/IronMan3

![[ComicBook/IronMan The comics]]
* If Tony ever has to wear the Iron Man armour for a stretch of several hours, what does he do if he needs to use the bathroom?
** The same thing astronauts and EOD techs do. The armor has a bladder.
** Iron Man 2 offers [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UJyRxgOkig an explanation.]]

* In All-New, All-Different Avengers, Tony's flying car has the capability of becoming a fully-functional Iron Man Armor. What happens if there's a passenger inside when he switches modes?

* Where does Zeke Stane fit into Marvel's count of the smartest people in the world?
** Hasn't made any of the lists I've ever seen.
** There's never been an official list just generally the big science guys (Doom, Reed, Tony, Pym, Bruce, [=McCoy=]) with no real known order and then for sure Amadeus was known as the 7th. However since Stane is technically suppose to be smarter Overall with Tony there is a shift that hasn't been accounted for.
** Tony eventually realizes that Zeke isn't smarter or even as smart as himself, just much more ruthless about reverse-engineering Tony's inventions and selling very cheap knock-offs to terrorists.