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Headscratchers: Far Cry 3
  • Why didn't Jason just call the U.S. government for help after he escaped? Yes, the island is crawling with pirates, and a rescues mission will be tricky. But why didn't he even try?
    • Using... what, exactly? The only line of communication he has is a spotty cell phone on an island where the only working communications systems are owned by the pirates. Cell phone reception in the South Pacific is extremely spotty, and he doesn't have a satellite phone. Once he gets in touch with Huntley, he does have government support - or at least, as much support as is possible to get out there.
    • The island is probably sovereign territory of another nation, too, since the presence of a CIA agent seems to indicate the world knows Vaas and Hoyt are there and yet aren't acting on it. (This is Truth in Television with modern piracy). Granted, I doubt Jason knows or cares about the complexities of international law, but still...
  • When Jason came to save Keith, he's fully equipped with guns, grenades, Molotov cocktails, etc. But Buck still trying to attack him with only a knife...And the fact that Jason didn't just shoot him, Indiana Jones style.
    • Close quarters combat with a knife is really the last place you want to be using a gun. There's a reason why the best counter to a machete-wielding opponent in-game when he gets too close is to use your own knife or tanto. Jason grapples with Buck because in the time it would take him to draw any of his weapons, Buck would have gutted him.
  • Why didn't Jason just tail Buck home, put a bullet through his head, and save Keith a lot more agony? He's already demonstrated his capabilities for stealth and tailing.
    • You think Buck wouldn't have been ready for that? He's not a moron, and if he gets a whiff of Jason doing the incredibly obvious ploy of tailing him back to his safehouse, Buck will have Keith killed. Rook Island is not an urban environment where cars can easily blend in, and considering how few vehicles there are driving on the roads, it would be extremely obvious who would be following Buck.
      • So why, before going down into the cellar where Keith was, didn't Jason either hose Buck with lead, or failing that, kept his gun out while descending the stairs?
      • Buck's spent the entire time with one safeguard or another to prevent Jason from doing precisely that whenever they've met. I wouldn't put it past him to have explosives wired to a dead man's switch. That and up until that point Jason has had no reason to distrust Buck's agreement once the knife was handed over.
      • One of those really tricky dead-man's switches that don't go off if you're killed in a dramatic knife fight? Jason was very openly distrustful of Buck for as long as he'd known him, remarking to himself that he'd kill him after finding Kieth. It's much more likely that Jason didn't actually believe Buck about where Kieth was and wanted to see for himself before perforating his only avenue to finding his friend.
  • Just wanted to hear the community's explanations for the gameplay after completing the story. In the end, Jason has either been killed in a ritual sacrifice or has left the island, yet after the final scene plays out Jason is returned to the island, with no explanation whatsoever, and given that there is sufficient evidence on his person that the final act of the game actually happened i.e. his bandaged finger-stump, it can also be assumed that the choice Jason makes at the end has already been seen through at this point.
  • In one of the Lost Expeditions DLC missions (the one down by Rook Point Tower) there are at least two corpses of WWII-era Japanese soldiers curled up next to an AK47. But Japan surrendered to the Allies in 1945 and the first AK47 prototypes were built in 1947. How did those guns get down there?
    • Which is made all the more puzzling when you realize these are actually AK-103s (as indicated by the 90 gas block and AK-74 style muzzle brake), which weren't made until 2001.
    • They're the Japanese soldiers who didn't surrender. They got the AK47 from someone they killed, then died with it.
    • But isn't there something in the handbook about all the remaining Japanese soldiers committing seppuku when they received the order to surrender?
      • The Japanese soldiers on the Rook Islands didn't receive the orders. Their radio operator, General Tadao, sabotaged the radio equipment in a fit of despair after receiving news of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima and writes about it in his two Letters of the Lost. Another letter from another soldier describes how the writer did commit seppuku after word finally did reach them, but there are no dates attached. The soldiers might have found out about it any time between 1945 and a few years before the events of the game, for all we know, and a thousand arms smugglers could have easily run A Ks through the area and been ambushed by the remaining Japanese forces.
  • In the good ending, how did Jason and his friends get that boat out of the cave? Access to the ocean is blocked off by huge boulders, and the boat is beached.
    • They blew up the boulders with explosives, then pushed the boat out onto the water.
  • How did Buck always know where Jason was? He wasn't a hallucination.
    • I think he planted a tracker on Jason.
  • If Citra and Vaas are siblings, why are their last names different?
    • Probably because both of them are batshit crazy and one or both changed their last names.
  • What the hell was Hoyt thinking by blowing up the Cruise Ship? When the Costa Concordia ran aground it was international news for weeks and that was an accident. Killing thousands of people, of which a good portion are presumably American. The media outrage and international call for action would mean that Hoyt would be staring down the barrel of a NATO taskforce within a month.
    • Hoyt probably scared the hostages' next of kin into not alerting the media or authorities by threatening to hurt or kill them. If he did that successfully, the ship would merely be declared missing when it didn't make its next port on schedule.
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