Headscratchers / Donkey Kong Country Returns

  • How did a volcano just suddenly appear? what happened to Gorilla Glacier?
    • What is a volcano? A mountain that erupted. DK Island had mountains. As for Gorilla Glacier, well, a volcano erupted. The snow all melted. What was originally Gorilla Glacier is now the Cliffs.
      • Hence, the original Gorilla Glacier music in use.
  • At the end of the game, it is revealed that Tiki Tong uses bananas to create his hands. However, when Tiki Tong is defeated, he himself is revealed to be made of bananas. So, did someone or something else make Tiki Tong?
  • Why didn't they give DK a punch in normal game play?
    • If I had to guess, it's 'cause punching enemies would get old real fast.
    • Rule of Fun. Most if not all of the enemies are there to get in the way or provide a Goomba Springboard, not to kill.
  • That rocket was just to get to a factory on a cliff?