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Headscratchers: Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
  • What exactly becomes of Forte's remains? I'm sure it was very uncomfortable to go past the chamber where Forte once was...only for there to be a large pile of pipes and rubble where his dead "body" lies. Is the area just locked off?
    • Even worse question: if they just left his remains there, did he turn back into a human after the spell was broken?
    • It's possible that when the spell was broken, they were simply washed away along with all the dour and gloomy architecture and Beast's knife wound. (If he died at all, it was right before/as Belle said she loved him and the last petal fell, so it could be undone by the spell breaking; Forte died a long time before that, and wasn't the main recipient of the spell, just one of the side characters caught up in it.)
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