Funny / Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

  • Forte would like to remind you that he is, unfortunately, BOLTED TO THE WALL!
  • Beast orders Forte to play the song he composed the Belle. Cue "Deck the Halls"... played on an Ominous Pipe Organ that makes it sound creepy. Beast then orders Forte to sing along; cue Forte singing slowly in-time with no emotion at all and somewhat offkey. "Louder!" Forte again complies.
  • When Belle first meets Angelique and finds out she was once the castle decorator, Angelique informs her that the ugly statuary, gargoyles, and overall creepy design was certainly not her doing:
    Angelique: Do you think I was responsible for this Baroque atrocity?
  • Cogsworth and Lumière go looking for Belle in the snow. Cogsworth keeps falling over, which gives Lumiere an idea: turning Cogsworth into a snowboard.
    Lumière: Clockboarding! No no, Snowclocking!