Haiku / True Art Is Incomprehensible

True art is like bad
haiku: it doesn't make sense
but makes you look smart.

Amazingly Enough

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense

Game_Fan (quoting unknown source)

Peter Fights the Sun
He's Missing His Batteries
There is no Fifth Line

You can't avoid it
Abstract art will break your mind
Suck it up, maggots

Mirror of Regret
Shows the loneliness of man
I am so confused.

Pink unicorns in
My cup of rainbow coffee
Clowns at the cafe

A bold, artistic
statement. But what does it mean?
They are not telling.

Something from nothing.
The god of this trope just might
Be David Lynch.

"But what does it mean?"
Well, if I were to tell you,
It wouldn't be 'art'.

It's official, I
Cannot make sense out of this;
I'll pay $2,000.
Tropers/So We Ate Them

This is True Art, bitch!
Purple monkey dishwasher
What am I saying?

Glib glib glib glob glub
Margarg yeebaba?
VinLAURiA, demonstrating true artistic haiku

The problem with this
is trying to comprehend.
You're doing it wrong.
Mega Mario Man, telling you how to look at art like a pro