Haiku / Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Rose tinted glasses
Finger pointed to the stars
My Bro, Kamina

Tears in his blue eyes
He is Simon, not his Bro
Drill to the Heavens.

With this drill of mine
I will pierce through the heavens
Into tomorrow

Expy of Shinji
Grows to become most badass
Punches Cthulhu

Some beastmen have wings
They cannot use them for flight
I fault the robots

Believe in yourself
Not I who believes in you;
You who self-believes

A tear I shall shed
The sacrifice has been made
Kamina lives on

Just who in the hell
Says the Memetic Badass
Do you think I am?

"My drill is the drill
That will create the heavens"
Epic Arc Word swap

I will have something
That'll break through every time
and that is my drill

You will burn in my
Everlasting Hellfire,
Foolish Spiral Race!

Commander Viral
Honorable and vengeful
Turns good near the end

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