Haiku / Accidental Pervert

An obscene haiku
Donít look at it! Itís naked!
What a perv you are!

Again and again,
I walk in on you changing.
Please stop hitting me.

I reached, not looking,
Felt something soft, startled, then
She twisted my arm.

Hands on something... soft?
It feels like two pillows...
Wait... SHIT! I'M SORRY!

Coming out of bath,
Some stupid boy opens the door.
I scream, he slams it.
The Dread Gazebo

So, which door was it?
This one?... No, it must be this...
OH GOD! *Slams the door.
The Dread Gazebo

Kyaa! Doko sawatteru no?! Get out of my room and go back to Accidental Pervert, you moron!