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Given the large roster of characters, there are some that are bound to stand above the rest. Fittingly enough, there are some characters that were overpowered in their home games and they continue to be so here.
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    Specific Units 
  • Hector has been an incredible unit since the game's launch, and has been able to adapt to the game's changes as it went on. If it wasn't enough, he also received a variant in February 2018, but both the original and the variant are formidable units to either use or face off against. Generally speaking, both Hectors share the Distant Counter skill and similar stats, namely high HP, Atk, Def, with low Spd and Res, and low mobility on account of being an armoured unit.
    • His regular self comes with Distant Counter, which lets him retaliate against ranged foes. At launch, this was to ensure that no mage or archer could take advantage of their ability to fight at a range, but even to this day, this remains a very useful skill for him or for any other unit that needs it. His Armads has Quick Riposte built in, allowing him to perform a follow up attack when he's attacked above 80% HP. Given that this is built into his weapon, he can then take advantage of a completely different B skill. With Vantage, he can strike first if he's at 75% HP or less, meaning if he's not in his Armads HP threshold, he's in the Vantage HP threshold. He's either going to strike twice, or strike first, which are both dangerous prospects for his enemies, especially if he has a Special ready. With Bold Fighter, he can double on either phase, and when he's initiating, he also charges his Special much faster. Alternatively, he could opt for Wary Fighter and run the Quick Riposte Seal. This combination lets him prevent foes from doubling him while he'll be able to double his opponents when he's attacked. If this wasn't enough, he's also able to wield the Berserk Armads like his variant can, and while he can't pull it off as well, he's still pretty damn strong with it. This versatility allows regular Hector to remain a powerful threat, even as the meta continues to change.
    • Meanwhile, his Love Abounds variant plays a little differently, but is still incredibly powerful. He also comes with Distant Counter, and he actually has better stats than Hector in everything but HP and Spd. His HP is still pretty good, and his Spd becomes more of a Dump Stat so it's not too much of a loss. His Berserk Armads loses the Quick Riposte effect, but instead, its strength is all about Special charges. It reduces Hector's Special charge by -1 like a Slaying+ weapon, while also having the Wrath effect built in, letting him do +10 damage if he's at 75% HP or less, while also charging his Special at the start of the turn. This setup allows him to annihilate his foes with powerful Specials, and the best part is, it stacks with Wrath as the B skill. Meaning he can potentially do an additional 20 damage with his Special, while also being granted 2 Special charges at the start of the turn if both effects are active. He can also run Bold Fighter just as well as any armour can. This variant of Hector's claim to fame is Special charging and he's got all the tools to pull it off.
  • Reinhardt. He wields the Dire Thunder Tome, which strikes twice consecutively, but reduces his already low Spd. Those two strikes are all he needs. He's a fantastic Glass Cannon, as while he has zero enemy phase presence, his player phase presence is so dominating that the meta revolved around how to stand up to him for quite a while. Since he's both mounted and ranged, he has a huge attack range and can seek out foes from across the map with ease. With the right team buffs (like a Hone Cavalry buff) and skills (like Death Blow), he becomes a unit that would make his original boss incarnation proud. He was such a threat that the developers introduced units who could shut him down with just their base kits like Sigurd and Deirdre, and even had to introduce trench tiles to slow down cavalry like Reinhardt. Every player is expected to have an answer to Reinhardt, like high Res green unit like Fae. He's also a common unit, being both 3* and 4* available, and while this means it'd take a large feather investment to bring him to 5* to wield the Dire Thunder, it's absolutely worth it. While the devs did everything in their power to try and introduce countermeasures to Reinhardt, he's still a powerful threat that players must watch out for, especially since he can still decimate powerful sword wielders like Ayra and Zelgius without breaking a sweat.
  • Bridal Cordelia, an archer variant of the regular Cordelia. She's got excellent offensive stats, namely 35 Atk and 35 Spd, and she can put powerful bows to good use. The Brave Bow+ to strike twice consecutively, potentially four times if she's fast enough even with the Spd drop, while the Firesweep Bow+ prevents her and her foes from counterattacking, letting her engage enemies without fear. She can also augment her offense further with skills like Death Blow, Swift Sparrow, or Life and Death. As she's colourless, only -Raven+ tome wielders have an advantage against her, especially if they also have Triangle Adept, although Cordelia can then equip Cancel Affinity to cancel that out. She's a Glass Cannon through and through, as while she's got excellent offensive prowess, she has almost no defensive capabilities, meaning she'll fold pretty quickly.
  • Brave Lyn, a mounted archer variant of the regular Lyn. She has similar stats to Bridal Cordelia, with 33 Atk and 35 Spd, and she can pull off the same builds that she can. Lyn, like Reinhardt, is an incredibly dominating threat, and that's on account of two reasons. One, she's also mounted, letting her take advantage of cavalry buffs and has high Mov to seek out foes easily. And two, she has a unique B skill: Sacae's Blessing. This lets her ignore Distant Counter on physical melee units like Hector, or units who have it built in like Vanguard Ike, denying them the ability to counterattack against her. This meant that to counterattack against her, you needed to be a ranged unit (which don't often have good Def), or a dragon (as Breath weapons bypass Sacae's Blessing). Finally, she often appears on lucrative banners and she was also available for free, meaning she shows up pretty often in the Arena and is another threat that every player will need an answer to.
  • Ike has had a few variants, each of them formidable in their own right.
    • Brave Ike is his axe variant. His Urvan has a Deflect skill built in, which reduces the damage taken from consecutive attacks by 80%. This lets him deter wielders of Brave+ weapons, while also deterring faster melee opponents on the player phase, making him quite sturdy. Urvan also reduces Ike's Special charge by -1, letting him fire off his Special faster. He comes with Steady Breath, which grants him extra Def and more Special charges when he's attacked, which pairs perfectly with both his weapon and the Quick Riposte skill. With his bulk and a variety of tools as his disposal, he can be quite tough to take down. He was also available for free, just like Brave Lyn.
    • Vanguard Ike is essentially a superior version of his regular self. While both regular Ike and Vanguard Ike mostly perform the same role of being a powerful sword user with Distant Counter, the only thing that regular Ike has over Vanguard Ike is a single point of HP and Spd. Aside from that, Vanguard Ike is much better in every single aspect, boasting higher Atk and much more Def, an exclusive Special, and some better natural skills. Like his Brave variant, he comes with a Breath skill, only this time it's Warding Breath, which helps bolster his Res and helps charge his Special faster. With Warding Breath, and higher Res than his regular counterpart, he won't fold as fast when it comes to fighting mages or dragons. He also comes with Radiant Aether, a Special exclusive to him. It is variant of Aether that has a charge of 4 rather than 5, letting him activate it pretty quickly. He can also be obtained at anytime for free by clearing Xenologue 3, meaning he's a unit that everyone has access to.
  • Ike's main rival, the Black Knight is also a powerful contender in combat, and also received a superior, stronger variant.
    • The Black Knight has high stats all around aside from low Res. His Alondite has Distant Counter built in, which frees up his A slot to be a combat buff. Thankfully, he comes with one already in Steady Stance, granting him a +6 Def boosted when attacked. He could be given Steady Breath instead, letting him charge his Special much faster. What makes the Black Knight incredible is his unique Special: Black Luna. It has a charge of 3, just like Luna, but it pierces through 80% of his foe's Def, which can outright annihilate a lot of units. He was available for free as a Tempest Trial reward, making him quite accessible. He was also available as part of a special deal that only cost a few dollars. Because of this, he's quite a common threat in the Arena.
    • Zelgius takes the Black Knight's strengths and magnifies them. While he has slightly less HP and Spd at the base, he can also have stat variance and more merges on account of the fact that he can be summoned like any other unit. He retains the Alondite and Black Luna, and he also comes with another unique skill: Warp Powder, a B skill that lets him warp to an adjacent spot next to any ally within two spaces as long as he's healthy enough. This helps improve his mobility greatly. He also has a higher stat total than his former self and has one of the highest stat totals in the game, along with having two exclusive skills and a Distant Counter sword.
  • Elise. With the advent of weapon refinery, all staff users got a boost in viability by having much powerful healing prowess, as well as much stronger weapons with area of effect abilities. Additionally, their weapons can be enhanced to have either the Wrathful Staff effect (which allows for regular damage calculation) or the Dazzling Staff effect (which prevents the opponent from counterattacking). A unit can have both if they have their weapon enhanced with one and they have the other as the B skill, making them quite a threat to face. Now, with all of this in mind, Elise stands out as she has a good offensive stat spread unlike Clarine or Priscilla, has high movement thanks to being a cavalry unit, and she can take advantage of cavalry buffs to further heighten her offense. When fully built, she could play similarly to Reinhardt, being a powerful mounted mage, but also similarly to Brave Lyn, being colorless and denying the likes of Distant Counter. This on top of the fact that she can heal her allies and she can inflict area of effect statuses on her foes. The deadliest amongst them all being Candlelight+, which inflicts a debuff that prevents the target from counterattacking, allowing the rest of the player's team to safely get some damage in on their foes and Gravity+ which debuffs the target to only move 1 panel, ensuring a very safe enemy phase in most situation.
  • Myrrh gets a special mention for being the first flying dragon, the first dragon with a unique weapon, and she also has a monstrously high stat total that rivals armour units (for reference, Hector and the Black Knight have a stat total of around 168 or 169, while Myrrh has a stat total of around 167). Her weapon, the Great Flame, gives her even more Atk, targets the lower Def stat of a ranged opponent like all of the enhanced dragon breaths, and most notably, it gives her a sort of Wary Fighter effect. If her opponent has 5 less Def than her, then they will be unable to double her. This can help save her from powerful sword users and red mages who would normally one round her by doubling. Myrrh also comes with Hone Dragons, allowing her to be a powerful team player for an all dragon team. Since she's also a flier, she can fit in perfectly onto a flier team and take advantage of their buffs too, or she can use Guidance to help her fellow dragons move around, making her a versatile unit as well. She can also put the Iote's Shield to good use to help patch up her archer weakness, and when combined with Distant Counter, she can actually be a good answer to archers, especially Brave Lyn. The only thing that Myrrh does have to fear are Falchion wielders, as she can't protect herself from them. Even with her weapon's effect and her incredible bulk, she's still going to be in peril after facing one of them. She also has to fear Naga tomes, although if she can reach them first, she can usually one shot them by hitting their low Def stat.
  • Male Grima, known as Fallen Heroes Robin ingame, is the first armoured dragon. Grima boasts an incredible 40 base Atk which can have a superboon, meaning he can reach a monstrous 60 Atk without any buffs. He also has a strong default Breath weapon in Expiration that has Distant Counter built in, has Ignis as his unlockable special to add to his already astonishing damage, and can also unlock Vengeful Fighter to guarantee an extra counterattack at high HP that also heavily reduces his Ignis cooldown (and because of how Expiration works, he will counter regardless of range). If Grima has Ignis ready and his chosen victim isn't a Red unit swimming in defenses, it is dead, no exceptions. This is all before applying any sort of Elite Tweak, and as an armored unit he has access to a broad number of counter-based and stat-boosting skills, any of which can turn him into an utter monster. And as far as teamplay goes, he has another unlockable skill unique to him: Ward Dragons, which is the less potent but ranged variant of Fortify Dragons. Combined with any other dragon, this makes Grima a priority target, but attacking him nonlethally means supercharging his Special. The opponent's saving grace is, as a green dragon, Grima has a massive weakness to Falchions, and he can't move far on his own without Armor March or Armor Boots.
  • Ayra. She comes with a unique Special in Regnal Astra, which adds 40% of her Spd to her attack. What's notable is that it has a charge of 2, unlike other stat based Specials that are usually at 3 or 4. Ayra has the stats and the base kit to take full advantage of this skill. She boasts a good 33 Atk and 37 Spd at the base, gets another +3 Spd from her weapon Ayra's Blade, and if she's faster than her foe, she gets another Special charge per attack. Regnal Astra has the same charge as Moonbow, but at minimum it will deal at least 14 damage, which will outdo what Moonbow has to offer, while allowing Ayra to carve up any neutral targets better than Glimmer could. Her damage will just increase the faster she is. This is all before any Elite Tweak too: With a +Spd Slaying Edge+, Wrath, and skills that complement her combat performance like Distant Counter, Swift Sparrow, or Quickened Pulse, she'll be able to activate her 1 charge Regnal Astra basically every other attack, adding at least 16 to 26 damage, which is even capable of breaking through some blue opponents. With Wrath, as long as she's injured enough, she'll have Regnal Astra ready and charged for her next victim, and she actually has pretty decent physical bulk to take a hit and exchange blows. Her only real weakness is her low Res.
  • Karla. She's quite similar to Ayra, but instead of a busted Special, she instead has a busted weapon: the Vassal's Blade. If she's faster than her opponent, whatever the difference in Spd is, 70% of that will get added to Karla's damage, capping out of at 7 per attack. It also reduces Karla's Special charge by 1, and like Ayra, she has the right stats and skills to exploit it. She has 35 Atk and 40 Spd at the base, which outdoes Ayra herself, on top of what is basically a 23 Mt weapon. Her Even Spd Wave gives her and any adjacent ally +6 Spd at the start of every other turn, which would boost that 40 Spd to 46. And she has a Spd superboon, meaning she can get another +4 Spd, which would let her reach 50 Spd all by herself, making her an absolute speed demon. Without a skill like Swordbreaker or Wary Fighter, the prospect of preventing Karla from doubling is simply just not easy. She also has Wrath in her base skillset, and while she doesn't have Regnal Astra, she can still hit pretty damn hard with Glimmer or Moonbow instead, and her weapon can make up for the rest of the damage. This is all before any other Elite Tweak too as well. Karla's only real weakness is her low bulk, so exchanging blows could be a bit dangerous. Regardless, it's a far better showing than her original self.
     Types of Units 
  • Dragons. Common examples include Tiki, Nowi, Fae, but any of them can be built to be quite powerful. They usually have good stats, whether they're balanced or optimized, and all of them can generally perform a tanking role. Once weapon refinery was introduced, all existing breath weapons up to that point could be enhanced to hit the lower defensive stat of a ranged opponent. When given the Lightning Breath+, these dragons become some of the perfect answers to the likes of archers and mages, especially Brave Lyn, whose Sacae Blessing does not target Dragonstones. Most mages and some archers have good Res but bad Def, which is what this effect can prey upon. This effect applies to any enhanced breath weapon though, or any new breath weapon introduced starting from Myrrh's Great Flame and onward, and the only requirement is that the opponent is a ranged foe. This means a dragon can just walk up to a mage or an archer and destroy them that way too, or take advantage of other breath skills like Dark Breath+'s debuffs. And, just like specialized teams, there are specialized dragon buffs such as Fortify Dragons and Ward Dragons to make them even more of a threat, although most of them are on 5* exclusive units at the time of this writing, making them quite elusive.
  • -Blade tome users. Each colors come with one character packing the tome themselves and have the stats to make it scary: Tharja (Red), Nino (Green) and Tailtiu (Blue).note  The tome is so powerful that basically any mage carrying it can become decentnote , because of its effect: bonus damage equal to all of the stat bonuses given to that unit is added. The more stat buffs given to the unit, the stronger they will get. Using supporting characters with Rally or Hone skills to boost the -blade unit's stats and they can hit as hard as nukes. Eirika and Ephraim are noteworthy partners as their weapons boost the Atk of adjacent allies by +3. With their weapons, Hone Speed, and the Fortify Def or Res Seal, they can boost three stats simply by standing adjacent to an ally, or they can boost four stats with the appropriate Rally. Another noteworthy partners are Dancers, with the advent of Sacred Seal forges, who can refresh a unit to move twice(allowing Blade Tome user to target 2 enemies a turn), soft dispels Panic Ploy, in addition to the main buffing role from equipping Hone ATK and Hone SPD which provides the large majority of offensive damage used by Bladetome user.
  • Refresher units. These are units who can allow another ally to act again through the use of Sing or Dance. Just like in the main series, the ability for a unit to act again is absolutely invaluable, especially when the player has one of the units listed on this page that can defeat many opposing units. There are four that are available at any time, being Olivia, Ninian, Azura, and Lene. Special, seasonal variants of Azura and Olivia were also introduced, as well as Shigure and Inigo. They all come with the ability to boost stats upon refreshing a unit, with Performer Azura in particular being able to boost all stats by +3 thanks to her weapon. No matter which refresher the player uses, they can all benefit from being given Wings of Mercy as it helps them immediately reach injured allies and give them a Heroic Second Wind. Special mention must be given to the New Year version of Azura, who happens to be riding a pegasus and thus is uninhibited by terrain, can equip the Guidance seal for even more movement-based shenanigans, benefits from flier buffs, and is a huge boon to flier teams as she comes with the elusive Hone Fliers.
  • Specialized "Emblem" teams. These are teams that consist of units that are only of a specific type. They all use skills that work only for their specific type, having access to powerful buffing skills. Hone and Fortify skills will boost their respective stats (Hone for Atk and Spd, Fortify for Def and Res) by 6 each to any adjacent unit that it applies to, while Goad and Ward skills will boost their respective stats (Goad for Atk and Spd, Ward for Def and Res) by 4 each to any nearby unit within two spaces that it applies to. The regular equivalents to these skills are less effective but more general, boosting only one stat, or only working for adjacent allies. This is why these specialized teams are not only very viable, but potentially very dangerous to face thanks to their benefits. Cavalry units have great movement, armoured units having great stats and incredible offensive skills, and fliers have freedom of movement. Any -Blade tome wielder that can get these buffs will become incredibly powerful, allowing them to devastate their foes. A single Hone boost would effectively grant an extra +18 damage, far greater than any other buffer could provide.
    • Full cavalry teams are very easy to form, making them a popular choice for players to build. All of the important team buffs are available from easy to obtain units, as Hone Cavalry is available on the free unit Gunter, while Fortify Cavalry is available from Jagen who is a common unit. On top of that, units like Xander, Camus, Cecilia, and Brave Lyn are all available for free, and those four alone can make a solid team. Reinhardt is also fairly common, being 3* and 4* available, and he thrives on cavalry teams to give him the +Atk buff he needs. Thanks to their high movement range, cavalry units can often perform hit and run tactics, either by using the actual Hit and Run skill on melee cavalry, or by riding out and using the Reposition or Draw Back skill to bring an ally back to safety. Cavalry teams were so dominant that as the game went on, other types of teams just got stronger while the game introduced trench tiles to designed to purposefully slow cavalry down. Still, cavalry teams can be beginner friendly, and can dominate a lot of PvE content.
    • Full flier teams are a bit harder to form, as some of the better fliers are also 5* exclusive, while Hone Fliers is 5* exclusive or on seasonal units. Notably, most mage fliers and refresher fliers are seasonal only. However, common units and skills can still be put to excellent use. Fliers can utilize Goad Fliers stacking instead, granting +4 Atk and Spd to any flier ally within two spaces, just as long as they can all stick together. Their strengths are with offense and mobility. Offensive melee fliers can utilize Hit and Run pretty well, and the more offensively oriented units (such as Est, Cherche, Caeda, and Cordelia) are all fairly common, while Camilla wields a personal weapon that can basically have a weaker Goad Fliers effect that will stack with Goad Fliers itself. All fliers do have a weakness against archers, but the Iote's Shield Seal removes this weakness, while more elusive units have even better countermeasures like a Distant Counter Myrrh, female Grima with her Dragonskin (which is both the Iote's Shield and a defensive buff), or Spring Camilla with a -Raven+ tome. In general, fliers are great offensive units and excel in movement freedom, and some of the strongest offensive fliers are easy enough to come by.
    • Full armour teams can be a bit difficult to form, as all of their truly essential skills are all 5* exclusive. Their specialized buff skills are actually all easy enough to obtain, as Hone, Ward, and Fortify Armor are all on common or uncommon units, while Goad Armor became easily available from Valentine's Eliwood. Between him, Arden, and the Black Knight, these three are good to excellent free armoured units to use. However, the main issue with armours are their lack of range and movement, and while they can function just fine without the fancier offensive and defensive skills, those skills are what allow them to be powerhouse monsters. Distant Counter fixes the range issue, but is available only on Hector, either variant. Armor March fixes the mobility issue, but is only available on Amelia, or the seasonal variants of Henry and male Robin. Armor Boots does help, though it's only for one unit and has an HP threshold. The truly game breaking skills for armours are the Fighter skills however, namely Bold and Vengeful Fighter. Both of them allow the user to perform a follow up attack on a specific phase (Bold for player phase, Vengeful for enemy phase) and they gain extra Special charges as they attack. They're also quite easy to activate, as Bold Fighter has no HP threshold, while Vengeful Fighter has a 50% HP threshold (more lenient than Quick Riposte's 70%) These skills let them either tear through their opponents by super charging their Specials. However, Bold Fighter is only available on Hardin and the seasonal variant of Lissa, while Vengeful Fighter is only available on male Grima and the seasonal variant of Tharja. Armor teams may be difficult to truly form, but with all of these elusive skills to help alleviate their weaknesses, they are an incredible and even versatile force to be reckoned with.
    Skills and Mechanics 
  • Bonus stats. Any unit can become a potential Game-Breaker in certain maps if they have heightened stats. Any unit can be Summoner Supported, which grants +5 HP and +2 to all stats, which improves their overall combat performance, letting them hit harder, faster, and take hits much better. In some modes, like the Arena or Tempest, also feature specific units that get a greater stat boost of +10 HP and +4 to all stats instead. Using those units make those modes a lot easier for the player. And should the player use those units and Summoner Support them at the same time, then their stats just go through the roof, meaning the player has to really try to get them to fall in battle. These boosts are only applicable to the player's side out of fairness, but this makes PvE maps potentially a lot easier.
  • Distant Counter and Close Counter. Back when the game first launched, there were two names that would strike fear into the hearts of the fresh summoners: Hector and Takumi. Turns out most of the reason why they were so difficult to deal with early was because they came with Distant and Close Counter pre-skill inheritance. While Hector was a good unit on his own merits without Distant Counter, Takumi on the other hand was not, as it was Close Counter that made him so powerful pre-skill inheritance. Since then, these skills could be given to other units, which grant them the great flexibility of being able to counterattack regardless of range. This opens up a plethora of defensive options for any unit running it and great synergy with other enemy phase defensive skills like Vantage, Quick Riposte, and if the unit has Distant Counter built into their weapon, Stance or Breath skills. Armoured units in particular make better use of either skill due their already high BST and defensive stats which naturally favour defensive enemy phase skills.
    • The Lightning Breath+ weapon for dragons has Distant Counter built in, although it has some draw backs, namely lower Mt and a Special charge penalty. But since it can be refined, it can grant the user greater stats to help them tank, and it can also do adaptive damaged against enemy ranged foes, hitting their lower defensive stat. Pair that with it being fairly easy to obtain (being on adult Tiki and Nowi, both available at 3*) and that it can be given to any dragon regardless of colour, and the player can easily build a powerful Distant Counter tank unit.
    • For flier units, combine the Iote's Shield Sacred Seal (neutralizes the "arrow" weakness for fliers) with Distant Counter and any enemy phase defensive skills mentioned above, and watch them slaughter numerous archer and dagger units without any effort, alongside units they have an advantage against.
  • Bold Fighter. While it has gotten a mention in the armour section of specialized teams, it truly deserves its own entry, highlighting just how damn powerful this skill is. One of the biggest problems for most armoured units is their lack of Spd. Bold Fighter lets an armoured unit perform a follow up attack when initiating combat, regardless of Spd, ignoring the concept entirely. That alone would have been fine, but Bold Fighter also grants the user extra Special charges during combat, which can be just completely ridiculous, especially when the Quick Riposte Seal can also allow the user to perform a follow-up attack on the enemy phase, letting them be a terror on either phase. Some examples of Bold Fighter being put to good use:
    • Zelgius, Hardin, and male Grima who can pull off a combination of Bold Fighter, the Quick Riposte Seal, and a Breath skill and a Distant Counter weapon, meaning not only can they fight against melee and ranged attackers, not only will they be able to follow up on either phase, but they can activate their Special incredibly fast. That's especially dangerous when used on Zelgius.
    • Brave+ weapons are also perfect with Bold Fighter, as this means the user can quadruple strike any unit, just as long as they can take a hit in between, but they usually can. Again, another special mention goes to Zelgius. With Bold Fighter and Quickened Pulse, he can activate Black Luna on the second strike. If blows are exchanged and Zelgius is still standing, he can just attack twice again. And activate Black Luna again.
    • Ranged units often have trouble charging their Special faster, as they don't have access to Breath skills or Wrath. However, Halloween Jakob and Winter Tharja can take full advantage of this skill. Jakob can run a Brave Bow+ and annihilate most units without worrying about the weapon triangle while blasting them with a vicious Ignis. Meanwhile, Tharja can run a -Blade+ tome, make up for the Special penalty, and just delete a unit with the immense power that armour buffs can provide.
    • Some units can perform a single-turn Galeforce. With a Slaying+ weapon (or the Berserk Armads in Hector's case), Galeforce is down to 4. Attack once, it's down to 2. Attack again, and it's charged. With enough raw power, a unit can just destroy a foe and then proceed to destroy the next. Regardless, Galeforce is almost assuredly going to be charged unless the opponent has Guard.
      • Or, one could use a Firesweep+ weapon and Quickened Pulse for the same effect. Quickened Pulse will bring Galeforce down to a charge of 4, and the user can burn through the rest of those charges by attacking twice with Bold Fighter, this time fearing no counterattack. Afterwards, the user can just smash through another opponent, retreat, or even finish off the first foe if those two strikes weren't enough, basically getting four free hits in without fear.