Funny / Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light

  • Early in the movie, Yugi is chased by a bunch of fans who want to duel him. He escapes by hiding in a place no one would look... the museum.
  • Inside the Pyramid of Light, Tristan and Joey finally run into Yugi ...and the mummies close behind him.
    Joey: What's with him?
    (both turn around, see the mummies and freak, running)
    Tristan: Zoinks!
  • Early in the movie Joey duels a tough-looking guy who summons Injection Fairy Lily as his first monster. She then attacks Joey right in the ass as he is running away with a massive needle.
  • After waking up from a nightmare, Pegasus swears to give up white wine spritzers before bed. Later, he's having a red wine spritzer.
  • In a climactic scene, Yugi throws a magical dagger at the source of Anubis' power... and the hilt of the dagger hits the wall instead. Everyone's face is priceless.
  • After Pegasus saves the group from the collapsing ceiling, this exchange occurs.
    Mokuba: Pegasus, what are you doing here?
    Pegasus: How about we start with a thank you, you little ingrate!
  • Pegasus gives a very dramatic recap of who Anubis is and what he's planning, then casually adds that he looked the info up.
  • Anubis attacks Yugi and Kaiba with giant spell/trap cards at one point, one of which was created just for the movie.
  • Pegasus constantly taunts Kaiba over how many times Yugi's defeated him, even after Anubis is defeated.
  • Kaiba's Bond One-Liner after utterly demolishing Pegasus.