Funny / Yu-Gi-Oh! (first anime series)

  • Kaiba offering Yugi's grandpa every card in his briefcase in exchange for a Blue-Eyes is met with an overdramatic sting... as is Grandpa's simple response of "No."
  • In the third episode Kaiba, not wanting to lose to Yugi, forces a draw. Then he rages about getting a draw and vows to beat Yugi.
  • In episode four, Honda asks Yugi to fill in for him in a line because he needs to pee.
  • The sheer amount of Serious Business in the yo-yo gang episode is hilarious, especially since unlike the manga they aren't weaponized in any way except for Hirutani's, so his gang is terrorizing Domino with ordinary children's toys.
  • Kaiba dons a hilariously dorky disguise when kidnapping Yugi in episode 8.
  • When Shadi ruffles Yugi's hair and calls him a cute boy, Yugi says he's Older Than He Looks.
  • In episode 17, Anzu slaps Yami Yugi so hard he turns back into Yugi.
  • During the Monster World game, Yugi and friends find a painfully obvious trap inside a tower. When Dark Yugi realizes it's a trap he tells them to get out... and finds they're already inside the tower.
  • Zorc's Dark Catastrophe is represented as a huge, devastating attack in-game that blasts everyone away. Out-of-game, it's seen as the figurines gently falling over.