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Funny: What's My Line?

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    CBS (1950-1967) 
  • An episode with Jerry Lewis on the panel featured a guest who was...a bit rotund. Lewis jokingly suggested that the lady made diet pills which turned out to be her occupation.
    Jerry Lewis: But doesn't she take them at any time?
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  • Groucho Marx, who for most of Line's run was hosting You Bet Your Life.
    • During one Mystery Guest segment:
    Groucho (wearing his glasses over his blindfold): Are you an old Buick?

    Syndicated (1968-1975) 
  • Early in the syndicated run, panelist Anita Gillette accidentally introduced Allen Ludden as "Allen Funt" (host of Candid Camera). Moments later, after Wally Bruner was introduced and took his seat, he welcomed the home audience, "Welcome to Candid What's My Line?"
  • During the Larry Blyden era, a 1973 episode saw, following a segment about a pizza maker, guest panelists Gene Rayburn and Alan Alda toss pizza dough rounds in the air ... only for one to be tossed SO high it landed in the overhead lights and didn't come down. The audience was uproarious in their laughter as the cameras focused on the round being stuck high above the stage.

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