Funny: Welcome to the N.H.K.

  • The entire dream analysis. "C'mon, tell me about the snake with the rock-hard scales..."
  • Satou's over-the-top proposal for his and Yamizaki's gal game's protagonist is so ludicrous and complex that it must be seen to be believed. JesuOtaku even used the audio from the scene to summarise the entirety of anime in less than a minute.
    • It also arguably fits into the awesome category, too. The scene in the anime (links to dub) can be seen here.
  • From Yamazaki's flashback: " Oh no, it's that retard tomboy! Quick, to our anti-retard fort!"
    • "Yeah, well, begone yourself, asshole."
    • "That was pathetic, Satou!"
  • Misaki stopping Satou's suicide attempt, also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming
    Satou: I am nothing! I am just a rock on the side of the road! [About to jump]
    Misaki: You're wrong!
    Satou: [Stops] Eh?
    Misaki: You are not a rock on the side of the road! You are a human being! A flesh and blood, total failure of a human being!
    Satou: ...What?
    Misaki: A Hikikomori like you is more worthless than a stray dog! You are... you are the only person in the world more useless and a waste of space than I am! So... so... please, you can't die now... you just can't! I need you... I need you! [Cries]
    Satou: ...I'm jumping!
    • And then Yamazaki convinces Satou that jumping off a cliff is too dramatic a death for a loser like him.
    • And then Satou slips and nearly falls off the cliff by accident.
  • And then there's the whole Pyramid scheme business, it's actually pretty Truth in Television.
    • "There sure are some stupid people in this world, Hahahah.... WAIT A SECOND, THAT'S US!"
  • Satou downloading two hundred gigabytes of porn in one night. Two hundred gigabytes. Of porn. In one night!
    • Keep in mind this was set up in an area before HD porn was common, and harddrive space has smaller.
  • Activating Hyper Self-Pleasure Mode!
  • The MMORPG arc will have you laugh like a lunatic while simultaneously bringing out the BigNo. All those games go like that. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
    • The "Dame dame dame Ningen" (Failure of a Human) song while Satou is doing nothing but playing his game.
  • Two words: Trap Yamazaki
  • The fact that Satou get's so pissed off at his neighbor that he temporary get's over his mental illness just to scream at him.
  • Satou's "ХУṄ" T-shirt - triumph of explicit Russian profanity in a Japanese anime.