Heartwarming: Welcome to the N.H.K.

  • In the last episode, when Satou and Misaki are sitting in her room growing up, talking about Satou's childhood.
  • When Satou keeps Misaki from committing suicide by embracing her and telling her how he truly feels, and how sad he would be if she did.
  • The ending of the Mouseroad Arc; Megumi finds herself with no source of income and wondering how she'll recover but she's finally free of the Pyramid Scheme she was trapped in and considering going back to college. Meanwhile her Hikikomori Brother has found a job as a delivery boy which he seems to be enjoying.
  • This message around the end of the original light novel is incredibly heartwarming: I tried to remember a book I had read long ago called The Psychology of Self-Injury. It had theorized, "Those who try to commit suicide actually want someone to save them. They want want someone to listen to what they have to say, so try and listen to them with a kind demeanor, as gently as possible, without chiming in with any sort of negative comments."