Funny: Weird Science

The Movie:
  • Apparently, Wez's henchmen (the short, fat, bald, growling beast of a biker) is a school principal somewhere.

The Series:
  • From the episode where Lisa gets possessed by a cyber demon:
    Wyatt: Who are you?
    Demon!Lisa: Me? I'm the living embodiment of all that is evil in the computer world.
    Gary: You're Bill Gates?
  • From the episode where Gary and Wyatt's spy game goes awry and turns Scampi into an evil mastermind.
    Scampi: You win this round. But just you wait until graduation. You'll never leave the stage alive!
    Gary: Hey, joke's on you, pal! 'Cause the way my grades are sucking, I probably won't graduate!
  • In one episode, when Gary demands that Lisa help the duo understand how women think:
    Wyatt: We're dead.