Funny / Weeds

  • Once you start getting close to Esteban's two main goons, they start to get a lot funnier. Like Cesar begging Shane to not reveal to the other thugs that he was a nurse. Because they'll tease him. And Ignacio...just in general swings between utterly terrifying, and completely hysterical, like crying at Nancy and Esteban's wedding while wearing a powder blue tux, and the horror he exhibited when Shane killed his teacher's bird.
  • The many, many unsuccessful attempts Quinn has in getting the ransom she's demanding for her mother.
  • Ignacio's (remarkably astute) observation of Celia. "She's like the Herpes. She keeps popping up."
  • The random reference to Zorro, the Gay Blade; after Doug, who's suddenly obsessed with George Hamilton, causes C.P. to hit his head on their store's counter:
    Silas: What are you gonna do now, put on a Zorro mask and fuck him?
  • Silas' utter confusion when Shane reveals that he's in the police academy:
    Silas: B-but we're criminals, it's the family business, what the fuck are you doing?!
  • The conversation between Nancy and one of U-Turn's friends at U-Turn's funeral.
    Two Strikes: Damn, I remember when he was just a wanna-be. We busted our car-jacking cherries together.
    Two Strikes: (impressed) Respect. (fist bumps Nancy)