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Film: Zorro The Gay Blade
Zorro the Gay Blade is a parody of the Zorro franchise, starring George Hamilton as both of the original Zorro's twin sons - the flirtatious playboy Don Diego de la Vega and the Camp Gay Bunny Wigglesworth, né Ramón de la Vega.

Don Diego returns home upon the request of his father, who has tragically died. There he learns of his father's secret and takes up the mantle to be a Fighter of Tyranny and Injustice... but then he falls and breaks his leg. Luckily, Ramón returns just in time to cover.

This movie contains the following tropes:
  • Camp Gay - Ramone, who became even more so after joining the British Navy.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience - Bunny decides that the black Zorro outfits are too dull, so he decides to wear colors instead. Including plum and banana.
  • Drum Roll Please - Spoofed when drummers won't stop drumming at an execution and they have to be shut up.
  • I Am Very British - Ramón's father shipped him off to the British Navy to become manlier.
  • Love Triangle - Averted. Diego and Captain Esteban once battled for the love of Florinda, and Esteban won. Florinda still wants Diego, but he's lost interest.
  • The Speechless - Paco serves as Diego's mute sidekick
  • Suddenly Shouting - Esteban has no voice control.
  • Whip It Good - Diego uses a rapier to fight. Bunny goes armed with a whip.

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