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Awesome: Weeds
  • Shane's speech. Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Any time Nancy threatens/harms Celia.
  • Every season finale manages to be pretty impressive. It starts with Nancy starting her own growery, then finding out her new beau is in the DEA. Season two ends with a Mexican Standoff, season three with the burning of Agrestic, season four with Nancy revealing a pregnancy, season five with Shane's horrific Crowning Moment Of Awesome, season six with Nancy surrendering to the police in Shane's place, and season seven with an unknown assassin shooting Nancy.
  • And now season six's finale, forcing us to remember how much of a Bad Ass Mama Bear Nancy really is.
    Nancy: I killed Pilar Zuazo. Arrest me.
  • Nancy's reaction to Shane's english teacher pushing him. In fact, Shane, Isabelle, and Ignacio's invasion of the teacher's house earlier was awesome as well.
  • After Celia's drugging of Isabelle with Ex-Lax causes her to suffer an extreme Potty Failure in the middle of school, Isabelle gets her revenge by drugging her mother with Imodium!
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