Awesome / Weeds

  • Shane's speech. Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Anytime Nancy threatens/harms Celia.
  • Every season finale manages to be pretty impressive. It starts with Nancy starting her own growery, then finding out her new beau is in the DEA. Season two ends with a Mexican Standoff, season three with the burning of Agrestic, season four with Nancy revealing a pregnancy, season five with Shane's horrific Crowning Moment of Awesome, season six with Nancy surrendering to the police in Shane's place, and season seven with an unknown assassin shooting Nancy.
  • And now season six's finale, forcing us to remember how much of a badass Mama Bear Nancy really is.
    Nancy: I killed Pilar Zuazo. Arrest me.
  • Nancy's reaction to Shane's English teacher pushing him. In fact, Shane, Isabelle, and Ignacio's invasion of the teacher's house earlier was awesome as well.
  • After Celia's drugging of Isabelle with Ex-Lax causes her to suffer an extreme Potty Failure in the middle of school, Isabelle gets her revenge by drugging her mother with Imodium!
  • Doug attempts to hit on Celia in the third season finale. Her response is to grab his groin painfully and tell him the painful things she'd rather do than ever have sex with him again.