Funny: Wakko's Wish

  • The intro scene. A closeup of Wakko's hand is seen, carrying Rosebud. We then pan out to reveal Yakko and Dot sitting around a fire, shivering. Wakko casually tosses Rosebud into the fire, joining his siblings around the burning cinematic icon. Almost sensing the hostility from the audience, Yakko looks up at us in indignation and asks angrily, "Hey, what do you want from us, we're freezin' here!"
  • Skippy and Slappy singing about his frozen acorns.
    Skippy: Even my nuts are frozen!
    Slappy: Be careful with that last verse.
  • Pinky and Brain are almost as bad.
    Pinky: If we were meant to fly, we would've been born with little bags of nuts.
    Brain: Pinky, you are a little bag of nuts!
  • Dead-pan Pip/DFF.
    • Wakko's attempts to get free.
    Pip: I'm your Desire Fulfillment Facilitator... but everybody calls me Pip.
  • "Pharfignewton, I command you to MOVE YOUR BOMBOUSITY!"
    • "Thank you, now can you please move it some place else?"
  • Probably the downright funniest scene in the movie is when Buttons, Rita and Runt find the elixir's explosive characteristics and use it to their advantage.
    • The looks on Buttons and Runt make it all the funnier.
      • And of course, the explosive results.
    • The runner-up for funniest Wakko's Wish moment:
      • Dot: I'm...the impossilby cute one. With a cough. [coughs daintily] But you gotta admit, even the cough is cute! [coughs huskily and excessively]
  • Pharfignewton and Pinky expressing facially in-synch.
  • Pinky's remarks about Da Vinci.
    Brain: Da Vinci's dead.
    Pinky: Oh, how sad. When's the funeral?
  • Lady says "If she doesn't get her sweets by four, she starts doing wheelies on the shuffleboard court."
  • It's Mime Time.
    • "And a mime, too."
    • "The town needs a new speed bump."
    • "Just talk to my lawyer."
    • "No place is perfect."
    • "He gets trampled all the time."
  • The entire it's not what you wish for, it's how you wish part.
    Salazar: I'll wish for a million bucks! No, make that TWO million bucks!
    [Cue a stampede of male deer, right over him.]
  • Cue the Warners' faces after "I thought I told you to get rid of those little monsters!"
    • Bonus points for Wakko making a gookie.
  • Pinky and the Brain flying the Air Screw.
  • The failed "We're in charge! We're in charge!" bit.
  • A lot of humor is directly recycled from the show.
    • The Cave of your Worst Nightmares!
    • "The cuteness, man! Wrong, wrong!"
    • DFF: "You just don't get visibility like this in the city."
  • Brain trying to explain to Pinky who Leonardo da Vinci was.
  • Epic Lampshading
    Brain: We must prepare for tonight.
    Pinky: Why? What are going to do tonight?
    Brain: Guess.
    Pinky: Try to take over the world?
    Brain: Bingo!
    Pinky: Egad, I love bingo! So much more fun than trying to take over the- (WHACK!)
  • This dialogue:
    Salazar: Now, let me show you the fly in the ointment.
    Ralph: That's not a fly, sir.
    Plotz: It's a telescope.
    Salazar: Look into it!
    Ralph & Plotz: ...Ohhh!