Funny / Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain

Despite being the most reviled of Steven Spielberg's cartoons, Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain still had some downright hilarious moments.

  • The opening theme's most notorious line "It's what the network wants/Why bother to complain?" has Pinky and the Brain literally getting kicked out of the Warner Bros. corporate headquarters. Elmyra looks at them with a goofy smile and shrugs.
  • "Patty-Ann": After Elmyra flushes Pinky and the Brain down the toilet.
    Pinky: I think Elmyra has seen Titanic a few hundred times too many. Troz!
    Brain: Let's hope she never rents A Clockwork Orange. note 
  • "Gee Your Hair Spells Terrific":
    • Brain's plan to help Elmyra cheat in the spelling bee finals:
    Elmyra: Um, (gulps) "Absurd".
    Brain: A bee is you, Ardie?
    Elmyra: A-B-S-U-R-D. "Absurd".
    Host: That is correct!

    Judge: (under his breath) I think there might be a little cheating going on in the audience.
    Baloney: Cheating? Well, that makes me gosh-oh-jolly, doodle-golly MAD!

    Elmyra: "Poppycock".
    Brain: Pee? Oh, pee pee. Why? See? Oh, see. 'Kay.
    Elmyra: P-O-P-P-Y-C-O-C-K.
    Pinky: Oh, I get it. (out loud) Oh, I see pee pee, too! Oh, why? Oh, why?
    Brain: Pinky, quiet!
    Elmyra: O-I-C-P-P-2-O-Y-O-Y.
    Host: I'm sorry, that's too many letters...and numbers. We'll have to call that a wrong answer.
    Baloney: (sneaks up behind Brain) Cheaters!
    Brain: (falls) Oh! Oh! Oh!
    Elmyra: O-O-O.
    Host: I said that's wrong, you'll have to stop.
    • Then after Pinky and the Brain are outed:
    Brain: We learned a valuable lesson, Pinky.
    Pinky: Yes, 2 is not a letter.
  • The episode "At the Hop" has Ben Stein playing Rockin' Johnny Hot, the DJ at Elmyra's school dance. When the kids chase him out, Johnny screams in terror...and Stein actually raises his voice from his trademark deadpan.
  • The episode where Brain does his own version of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood has a scene where his name is the secret word that causes bells to ring and red lights to flash. But when Pinky shows up:
    Pinky: Hello, Mr. Loyal Subject! Hello, Brain! [lights flash]
    Brain: You said the secret word!
    Pinky: I did? Um... what's the secret word, Brain? [lights flash]
    Brain: You said the secret word again!
    Pinky: Really? I've never won anything before. What do I win, Brain? [lights flash] Oh, this is so exciting!
    Brain: OK, that's enough.
    Pinky: Enough of what, Brain? [lights flash]
    Brain: Stop saying the secret word!
    Pinky: What's the secret word, Brain? [lights flash]
    Brain: Errrrgh! Stop saying "Brain"! [lights flash]
    Pinky: Ah! You won, Brain! [lights flash]
    Brain: Stop it, stop it, stop it!
    Pinky: Stop what, Brain? [lights flash]
    Brain: Okay, that's it! The secret word is not "Brain"!
    Pinky: Wuhahaha! Shut yer face! Shut yer face, Brain! [continues to repeat "Brain", with the lights flashing each time, until Brain hits him on the head with his sceptre]
    Brain: The new new secret word is "pain".
  • "A Walk in the Park":
    • Brain commenting on the Tastes Like Diabetes tapes that Elmyra owns ("It's a Sugary-Wugary Day" by Laffi and "Life's a Rosy-Posy Bed of Honey" by Marie Flewis and Pork Chop), followed by this exchange:
    Brain: The titles alone are enough to make my teeth rot.
    Pinky: I'll help you floss.
    Brain: I'll help you hurt! (hits Pinky)
    • Also this exchange when Elmyra gets separated:
    Brain: Hey, where's Elmyra?
    Pinky: Oh no, she's lost! We might never see her again!
    Brain: Stop trying to cheer me up, Pinky. She's got the tape.
  • Pretty much the entirety of "How I Spent My Weekend", as it tells the story from Elmyra's point of view. Highlights include Brain trying to conquer France by having a robot turn all the cheese into stupid American tourists and the revelation that the giant robot Roberto and the French lady robot he fell in love with actually existed!