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YMMV: Wakko's Wish

  • Critical Dissonance: Despite the mixed reception from critics, a lot of fans enjoyed the movie.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The Captain of the Guard, maaaan! He's the funny one, maaaan, the impossibly funny one! Who hasn't he made laugh, maaaan? Wrong! Wronng!
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: At the end of the movie, Dot's supposed illness is revealed to be no more than plastic surgery to add a beauty mark to her face - or as she calls it "a cutie mark".
  • What an Idiot: When the Warners are told about the wishing star that landed near the town
    You'd Expect: They would leave town early in the morning, maybe around 4 or 5 A.M. when not too many people are awake yet and before anyone really notices the giant star that has fallen, and if noticed by someone also up early for whatever reason, and asked where they were going, just say ''We're leaving Acme Falls for a while, but when we get back, things are going to be better for everyone. Trust us."
    Instead: Not only do they leave roughly around 8 A.M., the time when most people are awake and out, but they actually tell the entire town about the wishing star and what you have to do get the wish (touch it), and naturally, they all immediately start racing to try to get to the wishing star first.
    • This is actually Lampshaded:
    Dot: Maybe we should've kept this our little secret.

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